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5 Moves Toward Better Business Performance Management Best practices in business performance management often start as a grassroots movement. The companies most likely to succeed take five basic actions.   
A Guidebook for Developing a Transit Performance-Measurement System This digest provides senior transit managers with an easy-to-read summary of the contents of and tools in TCRP Report 88: A Guidebook for Developing a Transit Performance-Measurement System. The guidebook provides a step-by-step process for developing a performance-measurement program that includes both traditional and nontraditional performance indicators that address customer-oriented and community issues. pdf-file  
A Meeting of the Metrics Successful techniques for integrating performance-reporting measures during a merger or acquisition.  
Better Data, Better Performance Management Dirty data renders analytics software useless. Improving data quality is an ongoing and expensive process, but data cleansing efforts can pay for themselves. April 2003  
Better Performance Management Companies that capitalize on a new generation of robust, integrated performance management tools will show a measurable impact on their profitability and market position. 2003  
Business Performance Management: First Movers Speak Out Several BPM experts and implementation pioneers met at last year's BPM Summit to discuss what works, what doesn't, and how much potential BPM really has to transform organizations. This article consists of excerpts from their dialogue. 2004  
Cascading Corporate Goals: The Missing Link in Creating Performance-Driven Organizations Performance management initiatives that fail to accurately manage and reward employee achievement do little to enhance the execution of corporate strategy. March 2004  
Establishing a Measurement Program  There are a number of factors that distinguish successful measurement programs from those that are not so successful. This article highlights those critical success factors that organizations have found to be instrumental in the development and implementation of an effective measurement program.  
Establishing an Integrated Performance Measurement System Compilation of Techniques and Tools, Handbook. Pdf-file  
For Good Measure Article by Debby Young in the CIO Magazine; read it to learn how to: Map the real impact of IT projects - Align IT with business objectives - Avoid mistakes in selecting IT metrics  
How to Measure Success Uncovering The Secrets Of Effective Metrics  
Making Their Mark True believers in value-based management (VBM) say that employees who understand the impact their jobs have on company performance can turn around an ailing company.  
Measure of Business Process Orientation The Development of a Measure of Business Process Orientation and the Relationship to Organizational Performance; Dr. Kevin McCormack  
Measurement Handbook This 10 chapter handbook discusses the need for and benefits of measuring organizational performance; models and approaches; quantitative and qualitative measures; and data gathering and reporting strategies. TOP
Metrics and Measures in a Merger Building a Unified Reporting System. In a merger, developing a common set of metrics and a unified reporting system is a major feat. Sometimes the best solution is for each entity to use its own measures and systems.  
Metrics for the Order Fulfillment Process I This 2-part article defines the characteristics of good (and bad) metrics and applies these definitions in a real case study.  It also describes the use of these metrics in the first balanced scorecard. Pdf-file 137 KB  
Metrics for the Order Fulfillment Process II This 2-part article defines the characteristics of good (and bad) metrics and applies these definitions in a real case study.  It also describes the use of these metrics in the first balanced scorecard. Pdf-file 124 KB  
Performance Management and Business Controlling in the 21st Century Presentation Slides, pdf-file, June 2002  
Performance Management Beyond Budgeting Why you should consider it, How it works, and Who should contribute to make it happen.    
Performance Management: Real Measures for Market Realities In this article, PricewaterhouseCoopers' Pat Newberry and Philip Townsend explain why performance management opens up internal processes so that business leaders can see what is going on in the organization, understand it, and make informed decisions that ultimately give them a truly competitive edge. 2005  
Performance Measurement Gains Ground Telling the future with today's tools. Activity-based measurement and scorecard software, let a company gather data on its current condition, analyze that data, predict outcomes, and — by taking the appropriate measures — alter the future  
Risk Management and Performance Management: A Way to Avoid Duplication Effort by Combining Both Tools This paper looks at the similarities between risk management and strategic performance management, both from a design and usage perspective. Examining the existing literature on the topic, as well as a case study from a public sector organisation, the paper proposes an approach to efficiently integrate risk and performance management processes. pdf-file  
Sample Framework for Selecting Measurements    
Setting Targets Setting Targets for Measures Used in Performance Management Systems. Pdf-file  
Taking Performance Measurement to the Next Level How does a (balanced) performance measurement system become a performance management tool? Pdf-file  
The Other BPM: Operational Performance Management Improving operational performance has become a critical objective. Organizations that have successfully implemented financial performance management should seek to extend and link value-creating systems and processes to operations. March 2004  
The State of Corporate Performance Management How long does your planning process last? Do you link compensation to planning objectives? Can you perform rolling forecasts? Our recent survey addresses these and other planning, budgeting and forecasting questions to assess the current state of corporate performance management.   
The Use of Performance Measurement in Knowledge Work Context The main objective of this study is to create recommendations of sound use of performance measurement in knowledge work context by identifying and defining the main attributes of quality and productivity of knowledge work, i.e. to point out critical factors of knowledge work and find suitable ways of measurement in that context. 2004  
What Are the Measures That Matter? In most companies, top management relies on measurements — not just bottom-line targets, but other numerical goals from “fast-cycle” targets to desired “customer satisfaction” survey results — to signal its priorities. Is that, or is that not, a healthy way to run a company?   



Keeping Score: Using the Right Metrics to Drive World-Class Performance
by Mark Graham Brown
All organizations spend thousands of hours collecting and reading data. However, many of these hours are nothing more than wasted time because organizations analyze the wrong metrics - which leads to inaccurate decision making. Keeping Score ensures that you look at the right metrics. The author contends that metrics must focus on the past, present, and future and be based on the needs of customers, shareholders, and employees. Measuring everything is more damaging than measuring nothing - pinpointing the vital few key measures is the key to success.

Measuring Performance : Using the new metrics to deploy strategy and improve performance
by Bob Frost, Dr. Bob Frost
This primer distills the essence of an important topic and presents it in plain language for leaders. Measuring Performance show how advanced measures are giving leaders new leverage to create change, manage performance, and produce better results. It covers developing the right measures, using metrics to improve performance, and key issues that arise in deploying metrics.



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