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Operations Management - Six Sigma

This site compiles external links to all kinds of Six Sigma related information, e.g.:
implementation, identification of potential Six Sigma initiatives and projects, problems and pitfalls of Six Sigma deployment, and case studies from various companies and industries.


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24 July 2007

A Study on Introducing Six Sigma Theory in the Library for Service Competitiveness Enhancement The purpose of this study is to search for applications of Six Sigma as a solution for efficient knowledge management.  2006  
Applying Six Sigma Techniques to Human Capital Management By borrowing a few basic analytic techniques from six sigma, it is possible to identify, with considerable precision, the unique people-related drivers of an organization's business results.  
Beyond Six Sigma Everything has a life cycle, be it a natural or physical process, a framework for process improvement, or a management fad. Consequently, despite any real success it may have enjoyed to the present, Six Sigma is going to have to evolve to maintain currency and effectiveness. So what is next.... Ten Sigma?  
Costs And Savings The financial benefits of implementing Six Sigma at your company can be significant. This article include real data from real companies.  
Deployment Failures This article defines the term failure from a company's viewpoint, and discusses the reasons why Six Sigma deployment failures can occur. Learn to identify failures before they happen to your company  
Design for Six Sigma For the majority of organizations, long-term success is tied directly to the new product development process. This is the key to Design For Six Sigma (DFSS).   
Fact Sheet Just that. pdf-file  
FAQs on What? Where? Why? How? And Who?  
How To Compare Six Sigma, Lean and the Theory of Constraints A framework for choosing what’s best for your organization.   
Identifying Six Sigma Projects Here are tens of ideas for identifying issues in your organization and function. These ideas can then be evaluated and formalized into project charters which will allow you to prioritize for implementation.   
Incorporating Six Sigma into New Product Development(NPD) at Motorola Authors Dan Tegel and Rick Kriva explain how Motorola, creator of Six Sigma, is using Six Sigma for Product Development (SSPD) and the benefits the company expects to derive.  
Integrating Innovation into Design for Six Sigma    
Is Six Sigma Falling Short Of Expectations? Yes. Companies expect to use Six Sigma to identify and creatively solve their problems, but that's not what it was designed to do. By Michael Tatham   vs.  No. Six Sigma can help you examine your business processes, grow closer to your customers, increase your productivity, and reap returns. By Neal Mackertich   
Keystone of Lean Six Sigma: Strong Middle Management Many companies embarking on Lean efforts find that their organization is too rigid and top-down to support the management principles of Lean and Six Sigma. How to create the needed flexibility? 2007  
Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Best Practices -- Where Lean Meets Six Sigma -- Bringing the two concepts together delivers faster results.   
Lean Six Sigma for the manufacturing industry Lean Six Sigma has gained widespread popularity as a methodology for improving both factory output and quality. But for every success story there are tales of dissatisfaction from companies whose Lean Six Sigma efforts failed to deliver. Manufacturers are finding an upfront diagnostic X-ray improves their odds of streamlining operations and cutting costs. pdf. 2008  
Lean Six Sigma for the services industry Lean Six Sigma's growing popularity in the services industry masks a downside. Many organizations have invested a great deal only to see little value result from their work. An upfront diagnostic X-ray helps companies get more from their efforts.   
Process Reliability and Six Sigma Pdf-file  
Robust Design (Taguchi Method) Robust Design method, also called Taguchi Method, pioneered by Dr. Genichi Taguchi, greatly improves engineering productivity by consciously considering the noise factors and the cost of failure to ensure customer satisfaction  
Seeking innovation in a Six-Sigma Project by applying TRIZ theory Six-Sigma is famous for its rigorous logic based on data, which is also the reason why R&D engineers cast doubts on Six-Sigma: does data give birth to everything? For example, How to generate a good idea in the phase of Improvement? Pdf-file 191 KB. 2005  
Six Sigma and the Mobile Workforce Among organizations that have tried using Six Sigma in field sales and service, many have reached for IT solutions, such as sales force automation (SFA) systems. Technology does have a key role to play, but technology-only solutions are limited because they do not address the other factors that conspire against the use of Six Sigma in mobile workforces. pdf-file  
Six Sigma at GE Information about Six Sigma in general and how GE applies it  
Six Sigma Comes to IT Six Sigman can most definitely be applied to IT.   
Six Sigma Deployment Six Sigma deployment success is built on an infrastructure foundation. Learn to align projects to business strategy, and use a balanced DMAIC framework as your key to successful Six Sigma deployment  
Six Sigma Goes Corporate After years as a manufacturing-process whiz kid, Six Sigma is gaining new luster as a tool in business-process planning. And IT can play a key role.  
Six Sigma Primer For CPAs    
Six Sigma Trends Next Generation of Projects. March 2002  
Small and Medium Sized Businesses This article discusses an approach for successfully (and practically) implementing Six Sigma in small and medium-sized companies  
Starting a Six Sigma Initiative What can an organization establishing an Office of Six Sigma/Quality learn from the companies which have been most successful at setting up such offices? How did those companies go about it and with how many people typically?   
The Mists of Six Sigma Alan Ramias, a member of the Motorola Training and Education Center in the eighties, recitates of some of the myths versus the realities, from his personal point of view. pdf-file  
Training Methods for Six Sigma Examines the benefits of each training approach against available resources.
It is essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of training methods that lead to certification and implementation of Lean Six Sigma and related methodologies. This is necessary for any organization to ensure alignment not only with all operational processes, but equally important, the entire enterprise.
Using Lean, Six Sigma, and SCOR To Improve Competitiveness The dominant improvement methods in use today are Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and the SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) model. All three methods can help a company achieve business improvements, but none of them can be used alone to complete the competitiveness cycle.   
What Is Six Sigma? - The Roadmap to Customer Impact GE explains its approach to Six Sigma. pdf-file  


Publications   Literature - Six Sigma
Lean Operations and Six Sigma Series
From Tefen Operations Management Consulting

- The first article gives an overview on Characteristics/Attributes of a Lean Operation. (pdf-file)

- The second article some guidelines for a successful implementation of lean tools and techniques in life science industry: Applying Lean Tools and Techniques in Pharmaceutical Environments. (pdf-file)

- The third article is about Taking On Six Sigma Programs. It offers guidelines for in-house and outsourcing decisions. (pdf-file)

- The forth article is a case study about Using the Six-Sigma Methodology to Improve Wafer Fab Productivity (pdf-file)


  Six Sigma for Everyone 
by George Eckes
From noted Six Sigma consultant and author George Eckes comes Six Sigma for Everyone, a practical guide that explains the underpinnings of the revolutionary quality assurance methodology.

Rath & Strong's Six Sigma Pocket Guide 
by Rath & Strong
A handy reference guide for Six Sigma which describes the DMAIC tools and how they can be applied. Perfect for those learning Six Sigma, or those who have already be trained and want a handy reference!







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