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Virtual Factory, Virtual Operations 

On this page you will find information about virtual factories and virtual operations, such as
- planning and management
- experiences
- relevant systems
- case studies


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11 January 2007

A Virtual Factory for Research and Development in Manufacturing Scheduling and Control This white paper proposes a Manufacturing Scheduling and Control Testbed (MASCOT) to address these challenges to technology transfer: a Virtual (simulated) Factory, supporting a library of detailed industrial cases.   
Competency rallying for value creation: An action study of a virtual enterprise.   
Experiencing Virtual Factories of the Future This paper explains a project work being undertaken at the Ford Motor Company in the generation of simulation models from spreadsheet interfaces and in particular the latest advances in the automatic creation of virtual reality worlds based on these model layouts. 2002  
Manufacturing Virtuality A Proposal for a Measurement Scale for Manufacturing Virtuality. September 2002  
The Virtual Enterprise In this chapter, the concept of the virtual enterprise is developed. A motivating case at the beginning points to dilemma that acting manufacturing managers are facing. The concept of the virtual enterprise, then, is structured in three elements that form a coupled system.   
The Virtual Enterprise - Thriving on Turbulent Change It is the objective of this contribution to clarify the core ideas behind the concepts of the VE and to structure the mainstream of VE developments.   
The Virtual Factory: Discontinuous work in a virtual organization Case study on a virtual factory network in the region around Lake Constance, on the border between Germany, Switzerland and Austria.   
Towards Agent-Based Multi-Site Scheduling This contribution analyses the organizational structures found in distributed production networks and proposes an approach for their mapping to multiagent systems for integrated production planning and scheduling.   
Virtual Factory Communication System Implementation of a Virtual Factory Communication System using the Manufacturing Message Specification Standard.   
Virtual Factory Project Tackles Integration of Supply Chain Systems The unification of robust enabling technologies of the Internet and ubiquitous access is resulting in market dynamics that change the way business is being conducted by electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers. OEM/EMS enterprise relationships are no longer one-to-one or even one-to-many.   


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