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Operations and Production Management

The Service Revolution - Manufacturing's missing crown jewel
With unprecedented pressures on product margins and the threat of commoditization, services may the best opportunity for profit and differentiation.  Too often, manufacturers view their service operations as ancillary businesses separate from and by no means equal in strategic or operational importance to the “core” product business. That mindset is as risky as it is outdated. There has been a clear migration toward service offerings, a shift sparked by products rapidly becoming commodities and by growth in the number of customer “touchpoints” over the lifetime of a manufactured product. The shift applies to consumer goods as well as to industrial products, and to complex industrial machining centers and commercial refrigeration units as much as to vacuum cleaners. The sale transaction is essentially just one touchpoint on a continuum of potential interactions between producer and customer, and an early one at that. At its root, the basis of competition is shifting toward the ability to drive business performance through excellence in service and parts management.






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