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Operations Management - Procurement / Purchasing / Sourcing

Value Sourcing - The integral role of procurement in the value growth strategy The procurement function is often torn between hard-to-reconcile goals. To begin with, procurement may need to be lowered in order for the company to remain internationally competitive. But the company also needs to build up and coordinate an effective, long-term supplier network, one that not only guarantees reliability and quality, but also facilitates jointly developed innovations. In its Value Sourcing approach, Oliver Wyman applies certain tools that are designed to create long-term value gains, as a complement to the customarily applied strategic procurement optimization techniques. In other words, we too use traditional techniques such as volume bundling, e-procurement and best practice sharing in our Value Sourcing approach, but in addition to that, we envision ways to optimize the long-term value contribution of the procurement function, drawing on the expertise of a globally active strategy consulting firm.  pdf






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