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Operations Management - Procurement / Purchasing / Sourcing

Next Wave Sourcing - Reinventing Procurement To Drive Growth and Profitability Over the past 10 years, company  procurement departments have done well, on the whole, in meeting a series of new challenges. Whether it meant working with an increasingly global vendor base or managing partnerships with back-office service providers, procurement generally accomplished the task at hand. With each success, the visibility and importance of the function in the overall organization grew — so much so that procurement now controls half of the annual budget in many industries and up to 80 percent in sectors such as manufacturing and retail. 

As confidence in procurement departments soared, companies counted on them to take on even more challenging projects. Now, procurement chiefs are being asked to undertake a host of new responsibilities: decrease supply chain complexity; speed products to market; .... And they are experiencing diminishing returns with yesterday’s best procurement strategies. pdf






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