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Operations - Supply Chain Risk Management

The New Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain: Supplier Credit Why Companies Need to Behave More Like Their Own Credit Rating Agencies. Increasingly, suppliers' weaker balance sheets are posing just as great a risk to companies as suppliers' potential operational problems. By rationalizing their supply chains during the recession, many companies have inadvertently become more reliant on fewer suppliers at exactly the moment when their own finances have become weaker. Meanwhile, those same suppliers are seeking to use their customers' balance sheets to fund their working capital requirements. This report, prepared by Oliver Wyman in collaboration with the Association for Financial Professionals, argues that supply chain risks have moved from the province of engineers into the realm of chief financial officers and treasurers. To emerge from the global recession unscathed, companies should rethink their approach to supply chains by behaving much more like their own credit rating agencies - and fast. pdf 2012






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