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ABC's of Borrowing This Aid discusses the following fundamentals of borrowing: (1) credit worthiness, (2) kinds of loans, (3) amount of money needed, (4) collateral, (5) loan restrictions and limitations, (6) the loan application, and (7) standards which the lender uses to evaluate the application.
Accounting System Components
Accounting Terms Basic accounting terms and concepts
All Financing Sources Are Not Equal This article describes the various types of investors.
Analyze Profitability This Business Tool (OBT) provides you with some simple profitability ratios and analytical procedures that can help determine your company's present and future financial standing. With your findings, you can identify company trends and compare current figures to your business' historical performance.
Automatic Deductions: The Painless Way to Pay Bills? The problems you may experience with authorizing an automatic deduction and what you can do about them.
Avoiding Financial Trouble These simple suggestions will help you stay out of financial hot water
Balance Sheet What it is used for, elements of the balance sheet
Banking Dos and don'ts of small business banking. Pdf-file (10 KB)
Banking Goes Virtual Small businesses can benefit just as much from online banking as large companies because it allows them access to a whole new range of services. And they may well have to use this new medium to stay competitive.
Bartering Bartering and cash flow
Beware of the IRS If Your Creditor Writes Off or Settles a Debt The IRS may count a debt written off or settled by your creditor as income to you.
Business in Financial Crisis? Avoid these common mistakes
Capital structure and financing of SMEs: Australian evidence This paper investigates the determinants of capital structure and use of financing for small and medium sized enterprises. Pdf-file 66 KB
Cash Flow Budget Worksheet Template and explanation
Cash Flow Forecast Why and how to prepare a cash flow forecast
Collecting your money Collection: the challenge to cash flow
Depreciation Explains the concept of depreciation
Different Types of Credit and Debit Cards They're not all alike. Here's some information to help you choose wisely
Export Financing Considerations in export financing
Finance for the long term Why long term finance is important and what to take into consideration
Financial advice Information and tips
Getting Finance for your Business Debt financing vs. Equity financing, government programs
How to Make a Budget and Stick to It A realistic budget is your best weapon against overspending
How to Pick a Financial Planner Here are some suggestions for making your search easier:
Improve your Cash Flow 10 simple tips to improve your cash flow
Making Cash Flow Forecasts White paper' explaining the concept of cash flow in a business and offering suggestions for improving cash flow.
Managing Business Finance Concepts of financial Management, bookkeeping etc.
Managing Working Capital White paper' about the management of working capital in a business.
Money & Finance Finance section of, articles and related tools
Preparing Financial Projections 'White paper' about computer-based financial models plus procedures and pitfalls connected with business financial planning.
Revenue Enhancement - A New Thought Why cost cutting (rather than enhancing revenue) is moving you closer to major problems by avoiding the real issues.
The Financial Goal Of Successful Small Business
Thinking About Valuation This article outlines how entrepreneurs can set a value for their companies.
What to Do If a Bill Collector Crosses the Line Here's what to do if a bill collector uses abusive tactics.
Which Debts Must You Repay? All debts are not created equal. Learn which are most important.

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