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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The materials included in this Web Site are intended for general information purposes only and are not intended to provide, and do not constitute, legal advice. Persons who need legal services should contact a duly licensed professional.


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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy A set of articles with information about Chapter 13 bankruptcy
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy A set of articles with information about Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Choosing Your Legal Structure Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of activity you are engaged in.  
Cover Your Company If you own or operate a business, or are in the process of starting one, you have many things to consider and much to be responsible for. One of your most important responsibilities is to protect that business, especially in view of the legal climate which currently exists.
Health Care Legislation and Small Business What are the top concerns of small business? Taxes and government regulations probably lead the list. But a close contender would be healthcare costs.
Intellectual Property Rights Know what you can and can't do with your proprietary material.
Legal Documents This site allows you to prepare customized legal documents directly online.
Legal Forms Free legal forms, provided by
Legal tips Tips and form templates
Sample Business Agreements Here are a handful of sample agreements that you can use as a starting point for creating your own.
Small Business Legal Checklist Legal requirements vary in each country, state, and municipality. Here is a general checklist of legal matters that you need to be concerned about for your small business.
Staying out of court In all but the most extreme cases, you want to avoid going to court either as a plaintiff or a defendant. Think about it. Do you really want to shell out the huge legal fees you are likely to incur?

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