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Advertising Information around advertising
Advertising Means Business This booklet is intended as a common-sense guide for businesses considering an investment in advertising. The information and advice it contains is practical rather than theoretical and designed to stimulate ideas, rather than provide all the answers.
Best practice
Customer Loyalty Tips how to build customer loyalty
Direct Marketing Basics of direct marketing, focus on restaurants and pubs
Management Overview: The Way forward Aims to help you grasp what you need to do to understand the markets you operate in, organize your strategic response, and manage the implementation of a revised marketing plan
Market Research 5 cost effective methods to do low-cost market research
Marketing advice Information and tips
Marketing Magic An archive full of articles, advice on e-marketing and more
Marketing Mix Management This article examines the roles of the various components of the marketing mix and their management.
Marketing Plan Template PowerPoint presentation, step-by-step exercise to set up a marketing plan
Marketing Planning Marketing Planning for "Smaller" Businesses - Need or Nuisance?
Marketing your Product Marketing concepts and strategies, Market research, Promotion, Marketing plans
Newsletters Newsletters turn buyers into customers, tips for newsletters
Place a 500+ Word Ad for FREE? Work-at-home expert Liz Folger suggests to write articles about your area of expertise for websites and e-zines
PR Tutorial This course is designed to show small business owners how they can enhance company and product awareness through the readily available and inexpensive tools of public relations.
Promotional Mix How to establish a promotional mix
Sales & Marketing Marketing section of, articles and related tools
Sales Promotion Basics of sales promotion, focus on restaurants and pubs
Salesdoctors Magazine that aims to help sales professionals, sales managers and business owners sell more by doing a better job of identifying and fulfilling their customers' needs; large archive
Small Businesses Face Tough CRM Choices Despite time and staff limitations, small and home-based businesses have more technological choices than ever available to help them offer competitive customer service online.
Tips and Tricks for Writing Press Releases
Tips for the small budget Ideas for low-cost marketing

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