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Barter Barter workshop, key issues on conducting business through trades
BDO Stoy Hayward Model of Business Growth A seven stage analysis of the profile and needs of the growing business
Build an promote your Website What to take into consideration when you want to set up your website
Building your personal Wealth What small business owners should do for their personal wealth
Buying or Selling a Business This guide presents an outline to buying and selling factors as well as the necessary procedures for structuring transactions, negotiations and settlements.
Competitive Analysis 4 steps for effective competitive analysis
Controlling your Taxes Explains your major tax obligations, tips to avoid problems (US)
Desktop Conferencing An online handbook
E-Business The do's and don's in e-business
eMail-ABC Article explains what you should know to use this medium Wide range of information for start-up's and entrepreneurs, arranged by topic, free forms and tools TOP
Entrepreneurial Help Wall Street Journal articles on entrepreneurship, arranged by topic
Every Click They Make What the analysis of your websites log files can tell you about your visitors, and other ways to learn more about them
Family Business - The Perils and Positives of Work and Family How to accentuate the positives, downplay the negatives, and make good decisions for your situation when it comes to matters of family business.
Five Common Mistakes  of Small Business Owners. Pdf-file
Free Downloadable Forms Model business documents and financial spreadsheet templates, Sample letters, contracts, forms, and policies, Checklists and a variety of information-at-a-glance tools - for HR, Marketing, Finance and Start-ups  TOP
Getting out of your Business Planning for succession, selling your business
Going Public Great overview: advantages, disadvantages, the process, alternatives etc  TOP
How to Think About Strategy You are running a small company, and you are doing pretty well if you do say so yourself. But where are you headed? And who has time to really think about that anyway? By. G.A. Moore pdf file They sell their products and services. But they also provide free information, tools etc., is worth visiting
Innovation Microenterprise Innovation Project US initiative to support technical and financial assistance, research and training on best practices in microenterprise development and finance
Insurance Concerns for the E-Commerce Era There is one component of setting up the business still on the bottom of the pile, and unless it's addressed correctly you could be out of business quickly.
Management and operations Information and tips
Management Buy-Outs Management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy-ins (MBIs) are a common feature of today's corporate landscape - and the informed manager therefore needs to know what is involved and how to do one.
Networking Tips on effective networking
Office and Equipment What you should know about home office, equipment, protection of your assets, workplace safety
Quiz for Business Success See how you compare with California's most successful business people, based on the results of a survey
Risk Management In Small Business Reducing Your Operational Risks
SME Program (EU) Innovation 7 SME Program, aims to promote innovation and to encourage SME participation
Steps to Competitiveness This site contains numerous interactive management and diagnostic tools geared to the issues and needs of small and medium-sized growth oriented service firms. The modules contain valuable sources of information on different management functions. TOP
Success in High-Tech Article for fast-growing start-ups, outlines the reasons for market slow-down, the pitfalls in adopting the "traditional" approach and the way to structure your business to overcome these hurdles.
Tech advice Information and tips
Turn Around A quick overview on what to do, also useful to know for entrepreneurs
Videoconferencing Seven steps to successful videoconferencing. Videoconferencing is a new way of doing business, check out these steps to building a successful, videoconferencing capability.
What is my Business Worth? Valuation Considerations
When it is Time to Get Out Developing an Exit Strategy for Your Business. Pdf-file
Women Business Owners Tips especially for women
Work  at Home Advice from work-at-home expert Liz Folger, especially for work-at-home moms (and dads) to tackle the headaches, rewards, and secrets of working at home

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