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"I Don't Need A Business Plan'' Basic ideas why it is important to have a business plan
Anatomy of an Entrepreneur This paper delivers the important message that a career as an entrepreneur can be fulfilling and rewarding, and provides practical advice on how to achieve this goal. Over 40 top Winnipeg businessmen and women discuss the do's and don'ts of succeeding as an entrepreneur.
Before you Start Seven Steps to Take While You've Still Got a Job.
Business Plan Guides The Entrepreneur's Guidebook Series is a collection of 91 online Small Business Planning & Information Guidebooks. These guidebooks provide useful tips and strategies for planning and starting your own business.
Business plans A whole site on business plans; features sample plans, advice, a plan-wizards and contacts to helpful partners TOP
Checklist Checklist with advice for starters
Choosing your Form of Business Organization Explains different options of the form of business with their pros and cons ; focus on India
Elevator-Pitches Some advice from a practitioner
Entrepreneur Test Simple test with examples of successful entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial Death Traps This article describes how to avoid the classic entrepreneurial mistakes.
Feasibility Analysis for Start-ups An introduction to feasibility planning
How to Get Your First Customer
How to Write a Mission Statement
Incorporating your Business Short compilation of articles about types of corporations, advantages and disadvantages of incorporating
Miniplan - Test your plan From the Wall Street Journal, free online tool to test your initial business plan
Planning for Growth A step by step guide. The purpose of this guide is to assist owners and managers of growing businesses in the preparation of their business plan. This guide will help newcomers to business planning focus on some of those issues and as such is a good starting point.
Planning your Business Why and how to prepare a business plan
Planning your Business II The importance of a good business plan
Planning your Business III Short checklist what your business plan should consist of
Rethinking the Business Plan Paradigm Bridging the Gap Between Plan Creation and Plan Execution. This paper compares the traditional business plan paradigm to the new. It describes three shortcomings of the traditional approach and five strengths of the new approach. 
Starting your Business What you should think about in advance
Start-up Business Checklist pdf-file The Wall Street Journals startup-site TOP
Step by step Step by step guide, business ideas
The Twelve (Almost) Sure-Fire Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success This article describes the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.
Types of Corporations Brief description of various types of corporations with their advantages and disadvantages
Virtual Business Plan Mirrors the major sections of a business plan - enabling you to point and click your way to the information you need to write and improve your business plan
Writing a Business Plan This document gives an outline for a business plan and advice on developing the plan.

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What Makes a Good Business Plan?
by Dagmar Recklies
Whether in start-up, expansion or turnaround-situations – every business needs to write a business plan sooner or later. In the authors experience not all businesses realize that a business plan is more than the description of a company’s business model, products and services. Thus, this article will discuss functions and content of a good business plan.



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