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Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Globalization
by Dagmar Recklies
Today, globalization is a major driver that has impact on nearly every business. The internationalization of markets for sales and purchasing at least indirectly influences every business.
This article discusses why globalization influences SMEs and what special challenges SMEs face when planning to do business globally.

The SME Revolution starts in Dubai and GCC
By Naseem Javed
The Western economies realized decades ago that small and medium enterprises are really the main drivers of the economy. While big businesses are necessary to preserve and maintain structure within the economy, surely they have considerable problems of their own. Mega corporations of the earlier era have increasingly lost their edge to smaller, nimbler organizations, which have spouted all over the Western landscape. The Middle East is now a new turning point for SME’s to begin a grassroots revolution.

Small Business - Size as a Chance or Handicap?
By Dagmar Recklies
The sector of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) is an important factor in most economies. SMEs have a good reputation for their ability to innovate and for their close customer relationships. Smaller businesses, however, have some disadvantages that make it difficult for them to compete with the large players in their industry. This article analyses the advantages and disadvantages that result from the smaller size of an organization.



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