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Strategy - Competition / Competitive Advantage / Competitive Strategy

On this site you will find information on the concept of competitiveness:
- how to gain competitive advantages
- how to manage in a competitive world
- where and how to compete



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8 May 2012

Capitalizing on Commodity Volatility Eight ways to leapfrog competitors. For astute companies that are ready to outdo the competition—and recognize the need for fresh, outside-the-box initiatives to gain that critical advantage—the volatility is creating more than a few commercial opportunities. 2011
Competing with China: Finding the Right Customers How are manufacturing firms in the United States supposed to compete with the low-priced goods coming into this country from China? 
Competition and Antitrust Presentation by Michael Porter
Competition Can Enhance a Firm's Survival Professor William Barnett finds that firms that try to avoid competition incur hidden costs. Such companies are less likely to develop new capabilities and may thus jeopardize their long-term survival.
Competitive advantage in alliance constellations What determines the success of a firm competing as part of an alliance constellation? leaves us without a framework for analysis and management. The elements of a theory to answer this question are emerging. The paper aims to spark debate on this question. 
Competitive Agility A Source of Competitive Advantage Based on Speed and Variety. 
Competitive Strategy and Real Estate Development By Michael Porter. This presentation was delivered to a group of leading real estate executives who convened at Harvard Business School in December 1989. The presentation’s analysis of the emerging changes in real estate proved to correspond well with later events, and the same principles remain important today. 
Dental Competitive Strategy: Cost Leadership or Differentiation? Dental practices compete on the basis of cost leadership or differentiation, or some combination of both. This article deals with the various factors that affect a dentist’s ability to increase profitability through cost-leadership or differentiation strategies. pdf
In search of competitive relevance Find out what it is, why it is important, and how you can embrace it in your search for sustainable competitive advantage.
IT-Enabled Information Transparency: A Strategic Approach The use of information as a competitive advantage. This article offers foundations and guidelines for sound transparency strategies that are the result of over six years of field observations and empirical research. 2008
New Bases of Competitive Advantage: The Adaptive Imperative As traditional strategies of position and capability become less durable, they must be supplemented with adaptive advantages, which include advantages in signals, systems, social value, simulation, and people empowerment. 
Winning While Losing: Competition Dynamics in the Presence of Indirect Network Effects What determines competition dynamics in markets with indirect network effects? The authors analyze this question in a hardware-software framework, where software producers strategically compete in quality upgrades. 


Publications Literature

The strategy accelerator
Strategies for sustainable competitive advantage
By Alfred Griffioen

There is only a limited number of models that give direction how to make a profit, these models focus on differentiators or on portfolio management. However, the increasing availability of all kinds of knowledge through the internet and the globalisation of the financial markets are not taken into account in these models. This article investigates how a company can make a profit in the current market. It proposes a directive framework based on market relevancy and whether the company has a unique product. Based on these parameters, a company should either consolidate its position, aim to excel more and more in its products, effectively combine products or ally with another company to differentiate or profile itself more.


The Trader Joe’s Experience - The impact of corporate culture on business strategy
Mark Mallinger, PhD, and Gerry Rossy, PhD
The success of Trader Joe’s (TJ) markets is the result of a unique business model that has built a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores. The purpose of this article is to explore the relationship between organizational culture and business strategy that has propelled TJ to extraordinary success. The article also offers a model for readers to consider in creating a culture within their own organization that provides a defensible competitive position by incorporating value, rareness, inimitability, and non-substitutability. 

The Surprising Secret of Successful Differentiation
By Dan Herman, PhD
A successful differentiation is not imitated by your competitors, even though it brings you unmistakable success with consumers. It seems impossible? Not quite so. I am about to reveal to you the unexpectedly simple and wonderful secret of successful differentiation: you must think beyond the core benefits of your product category. Think: Off-Core Differentiation.
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The 'Must-Read' on Competition and Competitive Advantage: Michael Porter:


Competitive Advantage : Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance

And some more books:

Hardball: Are You Playing to Play or Playing to Win
by George Stalk, Rob Lachenauer, John Butman

Hardball: Five Killer Strategies for Trouncing the Competition
(HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition) by George, Jr. Stalk, Rob Lachenauer

Wharton on Dynamic Competitive Strategy by George S. Day (Editor), David J. Reibstein

The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Secrets of Continually Developing a More Profitable Business Model by Donald Mitchell, Carol Coles,

Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage (2nd Edition) by Jay B. Barney




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