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15 November 2011

Becoming a "Multi-Global" Company Using global methods for local products. Relentless growth in emerging countries such as Brazil, Russia, China and India is forcing firms in developed countries to realign their strategies in an effort to compete more effectively. Leaders in the developed world are becoming "multi-global"—meeting customer needs as well as, or better than, local players. 2010. pdf  
Free Trade, Business Strategy and Globalization This paper links the economist's analysis of free trade with the business strategist's analysis of the forces behind the globalization of competition. Pdf-file  
Global Integrators Creating Mangerial Reach in Global Production Networks In the wake of the globalisation of production, complexity of coordination increases, leading to a decentralization of the coordination tasks from one central procurement function to several interdependent actors working in the production networks. As a consequence, a new type of network actors is emerging, which focus on the integration of production systems, extending managerial reach by localising and differentiating business systems. pdf-file 2003  
Globalization: Hercules Meets Buddha Chapter one from "The Blackwell Handbook of Global Management: A Guide to Managing Complexity" by Henry W Lane, Martha L Maznevski, Mark E Mendenhall, and Jeanne Mcnett (editors). Pdf-file - For this book see our literature recommendation on this site.  
How to Build and Sustain a Stronger International Presence and Acceptance Focus on the Decision Science Institute. Pdf-file  
Learning in the Internationalization Process: A case for Organizational Identity and Interpretive Capacity. Pdf-file 2003  
Managing the Global Enterprise in Today's Multipolar World Global success in this multipolar world hinges on three management enablers: a rebalanced organizational structure and footprint; dispersed decision rights and tighter controls; and a fresh approach to leadership and talent management.   
Mastering the local-global balancing act in R&D Companies around the world are expanding their local R&D footprint in emerging markets.  At the same time, they sense a need to orchestrate these dispersed R&D activities better. Simultaneously mastering these two requirements – expanding local R&D and orchestrating global R&D – is a delicate balancing act. This article provides insights for executives into how this can best be done.  
Matching global growth to industry structure As companies expanded globally in the 1990s, most of them failed to prosper. Why was this and what did the winners do to succeed? Pdf-file. 2003  
Small & Medium Sized Multinationals The Internationalization Process of Born Global Companies. Pdf-file. September 2002  
Technological Leadership Why is it important for a multinational corporation to hold technological leadership? A technological transfer perspective. Pdf-file  
The Challenges of Globalization What exactly is globalization? What does internationalization of markets and competition mean? The meaning, the contents are changing rapidly.  
The Internet and Globalization:  Ten Tips to Building an Effective Digital Strategy for Global Success  


Publications Literature
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Globalization
by Dagmar Recklies
Today, globalization is a major driver that has impact on nearly every business. The internationalization of markets for sales and purchasing at least indirectly influences every business.
This article discusses why globalization influences SMEs and what special challenges SMEs face when planning to do business globally.

Deciding To Go International (pdf-file)
by Asim Khan
There are many benefits to marketing a company’s products or services overseas, but the decision to go international must be made carefully. Cultural and language barriers, political issues and variations in religious beliefs, societal norms, and business negotiation styles impact how business should be conducted with international counterparts. Two steps can prepare an organization for an overseas effort.

Expanding Your Business Internationally: 8 Points To Consider Before Going Global
By Robert Kendzior
Brief paper



Smart Globalization: Designing Global Strategies, Creating Global Networks (The MIT Sloan Management Review Series) 
by Anil K. Gupta (Author) D. Eleanor Westney (Editor)
is a compendium of leading-edge thinking on global strategy first published in the acclaimed MIT Sloan Management Review. The central premise underlying this book is that globalization can be a double-edged sword.

Global Strategy: Creating and Sustaining Advantage across Borders
by Andrew Inkpen, Kannan Ramaswamy
Global Strategy deals with the question of how firms can compete in a global environment. The authors examine the issues considered central to the study of strategic management in a global context, such as the nature of global advantage, strategic alliances, competing in emerging markets, international corporate governance, global knowledge management and ethical issues in international business.

The Blackwell Handbook of Global Management: A Guide to Managing Complexity
by Henry W Lane, Martha L Maznevski, Mark E Mendenhall, and Jeanne Mcnett (editors)

The Future of the Multinational Company
by Julian Birkinshaw (Editor), Sumantra Ghoshal (Editor), Constantinos Markides (Editor), John Stopford (Editor), George Yip (Editor)
Bringing together the leading authorities on globalization and international business this book looks ahead to the new challenges facing multinational firms and predicts what the multinational company will look like in ten years time.




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