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Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution
by Vijay Govindarajan, Chris Trimble

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16 April 2012

Balancing the Future Against Today's Needs It's hard to dream five years out when your organization is doing all it can to take care of the here and now. This article from Harvard Management Update offers a new lens for positioning growth efforts within your company while staying focused on your core strengths today.   
Cash for growth - How to unleash hidden potential in your company  Growth means additional value creation - but it also requires investment. A recent Roland Berger study gives a clear answer: Unlock hidden cash reserves in your balance sheet – now!   
Closing the delivery gap: How to achieve true customer-led growth Most companies assume they're giving customers what they want. Usually, they're kidding themselves.  2006  
Delivering Measurable Results: The Path to Profit Improvement Many companies experience cycles in which revenue growth and cost cutting alternate in focus. While these cycles are understandable, they often damage long-term profitability.   
Growth Company Guide 2000 Investors, Deal Structures and Legal Strategies , originally published as The Venture Magazine Complete Guide to Venture Capital, Updated, revised and expanded in 2000   
Growth in a Low Growth Economy The authors paint a challenging picture of the world over the next decade: outlining why we’re likely to experience a low-growth environment for longer than we might expect; describing new realities about consumers and consumption...  
How Small Firms Plan to Grow One-third of firms in survey plan to expand globally. Plans and problems  
McKinsey Growth Pyramid The McKinsey model argues that businesses should develop their growth strategies based on: Operational skills, Privileged assets, Growth skills, Special relationships  
Megacity Growth Strategy The world’s rapidly growing megacities represent significant opportunities for companies seeking new markets and these megacities justify a unique approach. In this article, Jennifer Lacks Kaplan and Mark Pocharski explain what it takes for companies to build winning strategies to take advantage of this growth opportunity.   
Strategic Management of High Growth Ventures - a Venture-to-Capital Framework for Professional Entrepreneurship What causes a company to become a great company or what is the language to build up the “DNA” of an enterprise from the very beginning?  2005  
Sustainable Value Creation Securing success and exploiting growth opportunities by turning business model innovation into a process.  
Systems for Growth One of the biggest challenges that companies face as they become successful is putting appropriate processes and systems into place. So what happens when the initial growth party is over?   
The Company Director’s Role In Company Growth The attention of boards of directors is swinging away from oversight back to where it should be—focusing on company growth.  
The Great Eight: Trillion-Dollar Growth Trends to 2020 Eight macro trends offer huge growth opportunities that will touch many corners of the world this decade. 2011  
Using Social Media to Grow Your Business Businesses can best benefit from social media by having a good overall strategy and knowing how to listen, participate, and measure results.   


Publications Literature

In our publications section we have compiled a variety of papers from the and from our valued partners that focus on growth. They cover topics like:

● Growth strategies
● Phases and stages of growth
● Problems related to growth
● Management or growth
● Issues that arise from a particular size of an organization

Growth Articles


The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth
by Clayton M. Christensen, Michael E. Raynor
Christensen (The Innovator's Dilemma) analyzes the strategies that allow corporations to successfully grow new businesses and outpace the other players in the marketplace. The authors argue that innovation can be a predictable process that delivers sustainable, profitable growth. They identify the forces that cause managers to make bad decisions as they package and shape new ideas—and offer new frameworks to help managers create the right conditions, at the right time, for a disruption to succeed.

Beyond the Core: Expand Your Market Without Abandoning Your Roots
by Chris Zook
Beyond the Core, by Bain's Chris Zook, has been selected as one of the five best business books of 2003 by The Economist
In Beyond the Core, Zook outlines an expansion strategy based on putting together combinations of adjacency moves into areas away from, but related to, the core business, such as new product lines or new channels of distribution. These sequences of moves carry less risk than diversification, yet they can create enormous competitive advantage, because they stem directly from what the company already knows and does best.

The Alchemy of Growth: Practical Insights for Building the Enduring Enterprise
by Merhdad Baghai, Stephen Coley, David White, Mehrdad Baghai
Why do some companies come and go while others endure? According to McKinsey & Company, Inc. consultants Mehrdad Baghai, Stephen Coley, and David White, the secret to a lasting enterprise is sustained growth. In The Alchemy of Growth, the authors offer a practical guide for jumpstarting expansion and keeping it going. "Growth is a noble pursuit. It creates new jobs for the community and wealth for shareholders. It can turn ordinary companies into stimulating environments where employees find a sense of purpose in their work," they write. "Growth's transformative power is akin to the alchemy of old." 

Profit From the Core : Growth Strategy in an Era of Turbulence
by Chris Zook, James Allen
Spawned by a 10-year study of 2,000 firms conducted at Bain & Company, Profit from the Core is based on the fundamental but oft-ignored maxim that prolonged corporate growth is most profitably achieved by concentrating on a single core business. To help companies identify this true essence, narrow their focus accordingly, and move forward in a manner that builds upon existing structure, Chris Zook and James Allen present "a set of practical and proven principles, diagnostic tests, and questions for management teams to use as tools for reexamining or revising their strategies in search of the next wave of profitable growth."



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