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3 December 2006

Adam Brandenburger Author of writings on Game Theory, an elder university site  
Adam Brandenburger J.P. Valles Professor of Business Economics and Strategy at the Stern School of Business   
C.K. Prahalad Co-Author of Competing for the Future, since his faculty profile site does not say very much we link to wikipedia here  
Edward de Bono Edward de Bono is regarded by many as the leading authority in the world in the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. Official Site with lots of content.  
Emerging Thinkers Optimize Magazine has compiled a sampling of the best and brightest thinkers you'll be hearing and reading more about in its November 2005 issue.  
Esther Dyson investor/commentator, focused on emerging technologies (groupware, artificial intelligence, the Internet, wireless applications), emerging markets (Eastern Europe) and emerging companies  
Gary Hamel Author of concepts such as strategic intent, core competence, corporate imagination, strategic architecture, and industry foresight. Company site, limited information, scroll down a bit  
Hazel Henderson Author,   Independent  Futurist, Worldwide  syndicated  columnist; private site, articles, interviews, publications  
Henry Mintzberg Author on Strategy, described the strategy schools in Strategy Safari  
Karl E. Weick Professor in the field of organizational learning and organizational studies, university-site, contains a real-media-presentation  
Michael Porter The leading authority on competitive strategy and international competitiveness, university site, detailed biography  
Paul Krugman Professor of Economics, Author of books and articles on international trade and finance and economics; This site is 'The unofficial Paul Krugman Archive'  
Peter Drucker Professor of Social Science and Management, teaches in the fields of management and business policy,  influential writer today in modern organizations and their management,   
Peter Senge Author of The fifth Discipline, does research on leaning organization  
Tom Peters Author of In Search of Excellence and many other books, personal site with lots of information  




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