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5 December 2013

Strategy - Strategy Implementation and Strategy Execution

It is only half of the success to develop a good strategy. Execution is equally important, since it can make or break the best strategy.
The articles linked on this site discuss questions on how to implement a strategy and how to bring on strategic change
  Our Literature Recommendation:

Making Strategy Work : Leading Effective Execution and Change
by Lawrence G. Hrebiniak

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Business Strategy: Execution Is the Key From the Book 'Making Strategy Work: Leading Effective Execution and Change'. This chapter explains why execution is even more important than planning, and how you can put your plan into motion more quickly and efficiently. TOP
Communicating Your Strategy The forgotten fundamental of strategic implementation. The best strategic plans in the world are not likely to be successful if they are not effectively communicated to those who must implement them: the employees.   
Creating the Office of Strategy Management Organizations often fail at strategy execution. The successful companies align their key management processes for effective strategy execution. Many of these companies have now sustained their focus on strategy execution by establishing an new corporate-level unit, an Office of Strategy Management (OSM).  
Does a Balanced Scorecard Management Cockpit Increase Strategy Implementation Performance? Findings of a series of experiments using a system dynamics based micro-world.   
The Dominant Genes: Organizational Survival of the Fittest Study finds that structural changes are half as effective as those focused on decision-making and information yet more often used. Clear decision rights and effective information flows have the greatest impact on a companyís ability to successfully execute its strategy.  
The importance of structure and process to strategy implementation A study involving over 200 senior managers demonstrates that overall firm performance is strongly influenced by how well a firmís business strategy is matched to its organizational structure and the behavioral norms of its employees. The authors identify a taxonomy comprised of four different combinations of structure/behavior types. new




Publications   Literature
Business Strategy Execution: 4 Reasons Why Your Companyís Strategy Isnít Working
By Scott Glatstein
Articulating a good strategy is only the beginning. Itís the strategyís execution that determines whether an organization can turn good intentions into profits.
  Making Strategy Work : Leading Effective Execution and Change
by Lawrence G. Hrebiniak
Formulating strategy is one thing. Executing it throughout the entire organization... well, that's the really hard part. Without effective execution, no business strategy can succeed. Unfortunately, most managers know far more about developing strategy than about executing itóand overcoming the difficult political and organizational obstacles that stand in their way. In this book, Larry Hrebiniak offers a comprehensive, disciplined process model for making strategy work in the real world.

Strategic Organizational Change by Michael A. Beitler
"Strategic Organizational Change: A Practitioner's Guide for Managers and Consultants" is written by a practitioner for practitioners. In this book, Dr. Beitler begins by providing a systematic approach for diagnosing organizational problems. Then he offers his step-by-step approach for designing and implementing organizational change interventions.




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