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Strategy - Strategic Portfolio Management

This site discusses issues of Strategic Portfolio Management:
- how to manage your portfolio of business activities
- questions of divestment, spin-offs and diversification
- Life Cycle Management

Corporate Venturing


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Corporate Technology Spinouts: Why and How Corporate technology innovation is changing. Smart companies no longer feel the need to own and control all of their intellectual property. Even more interestingly, sometimes the most profitable business model is to let others use your technology.   
Diversification and the Legal Organization of the Firm Traditional diversification research has failed to account for the variety in ownership and organization for firms pursuing a diversification strategy. This paper begins to unpack this complicated issue.   
Diversification Strategy as a Determinant of the Earnings Persistence of U.S. Multinational Firms This study tests the relationship between diversification strategy and earnings persistence provided by Autoregressive, Integrative, Moving Average (ARIMA) models.   
Diversified Service Firms Information Asymmetries: A Source of Competitive Advantage for Diversified Service Firms.   
Divestiture Survey Report 2013 Deloitte surveyed nearly 150 executives regularly involved in divestitures to assess the past experience of their companies, their outlook for the future, and the challenges they face.  While some findings were consistent with the results of Deloitte’s 2010 survey, we did notice the emergence of some new, noteworthy themes. new
Increasing the value of portfolio companies by improving their operational performance The Roland Berger Survey of 56 executives of Private Equity companies in Europe, Switzerland, Russia and USA shows that PE companies hold their investments longer, place greater emphasis on their operational performance improvement, use more professional management levers to increase their value and seek High-impact representation in their management.   
On the Measurement of Corporate Diversification Strategy Evidence from Large U.S. Service Firms.   
Portfolio of Services Out of the Fog: Creating Value by Assembling and Managing a Portfolio of Services.   
Seven Reasons Divestitures Are Harder Than You Think In today's business environment, splitting off pieces is harder than it appears.  
Strategies for managing a successful divestiture  Corporate development roundtable insights. The recent trend toward separation or break-up of businesses, with a view to unlocking value or focusing on higher growth opportunities, has brought divestiture strategy and execution back into focus. new
The implementation and structure of divestitures: The unit's perspective Existing literature on value creation of divestitures focuses on the antecedents of divestitures, typically relating them to the parent company’s financial performance. Whether and how divestitures can create value for the divested unit remains unexplored. This study presents an exploratory study based on multiple cases, to examine which factors of the implementation and structuring of a divestiture may increase the performance of a divested unit. new
The Secret to a Successful Divestiture When you are selling part of your company, don’t just offer buyers a potential asset; give them the capabilities to gain value from it.    
Vertical Divestiture as a Competitive Strategy: the Case of Russian Railways Reform In the formal model we analyze the cost and benefits of vertical divestiture under different assumptions about the toughness of competition in the rail industry.   
Corporate Venturing
Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) - Seeking Innovation and Strategic Growth Recent patterns in CVC mission, structure, and investment. This report examines corporate venture capital (CVC) as a model of innovation.   
Corporate Venturing in Denmark - especially among small and medium sized firms. Pdf-file 2003  
Corporate Venturing: An Overview This report aims at providing an overview on the recent progress in the research of corporate venturing. The overview is provided by conducting an extensive study on existing literature on corporate venturing.
The findings are roughly two-fold. 
Implementing Intrapreneurship: A Structural and Cultural Approach Research shows that there is no distinct set of characteristics exclusive to successful intrapreneurs. However, given the right environment and support, many employees can become intrapreneurs. So what should an organization do to make this happen?   
Know the limits of corporate venturing Almost all units set up to create new opportunities for a company fail to develop any significant new businesses, but that is not to say that the techniques are useless - they can be harnessed for other purposes.  
Learning in and of corporate venture capital organizations in Germany:  . Based on responses from 20 corporate venture capital organizations (CVCs) in Germany, we examine the goals, degree of autonomy, fund structure, and main investment criteria underlying the venture strategies of CVCs in Germany today as well as how the CVCs have performed strategically and financially.  
Managing Innovation Through Corporate Venturing New organizational models can help a firm commercialize ideas that would otherwise languish. 2000  
The Strategic Use of Corporate Venturing ppt-presentation on various aspects of corporate venturing. Ppt-file  
When does corporate venture capital investment create firm value? Over the past decade, billions of dollars have been invested by established companies in entrepreneurial ventures—what is often referred to as corporate venture capital. Yet, there is little systematic evidence that corporate venture capital investment creates value to investing firms.   



Patching: Restitching Business Portfolios in Dynamic Markets

by Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Shona L. Brown
(HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition)



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