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Growth in a Low Growth Economy The authors paint a challenging picture of the world over the next decade: outlining why we’re likely to experience a low-growth environment for longer than we might expect; describing new realities about consumers and consumption; charting how low growth will magnify and accelerate changes in the nature of globalization; and pointing to actions leaders can take now to gain a disproportionate share of growth.

Monitor’s Eamonn Kelly and UC Berkeley’s Steven Weber argue that the process of ‘recovery’ from the Great Recession, still in the early stages of what will be a drawn-out low growth period, will serve to reinforce and accelerate major shifts in patterns of consumption, and foundational elements of the global business environment. Western firms sitting on record reserves of cash appear to be waiting for uncertainty to ‘resolve’—but what may seem like a prudent risk management strategy is actually itself risky. Kelly and Weber analyze the new dynamics of consumption, the new role of governments, and other major features of the emerging global economy, and point to opportunities to secure a disproportionate share of growth in the near term and competitive advantage for the long term.

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