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Strategy - Strategic Portfolio Management

Local And Virtual Alliances As A Supplemental Contributor To Firm Performance The degree of participation of local alliances defines formal and informal relationships designed to share the knowledge base of a particular region.  Local alliances have played an unprecedented role in firm performance in the past. 

A firm's involvement with those alliances can often be a measurable component to overall success.  Today, the inclusion of virtual alliances may often serve as a supplement to the facilitation of relationships and support networks. The access to relationships often serves as an entry way for new product introduction.  The knowledge spillover when engaged in a business or personal relationship with a party in the same or similar industry can often encourage innovative activity. This notion that a reciprocal relationship amongst alliances exists has been demonstrated amongst firms in similar geographic locations.  The localization of the relationship and the strength of the tie is what ultimately encourages this knowledge spillover.  Yet, today the communication barrier of support networks has extended far beyond the geographically bounded region into the virtual universe.  This research embodies the significance of local alliances on firm performance with a new perspective on the inclusion of virtual relationships in future firm success. 2012






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