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Breaking the “Dog and Pony” Show: Making Strategy Development a Competitive Advantage The way that strategy is developed and decisions are made have a significant impact on a company’s ability to outperform competition.

Your management already has a clear view of their preferred strategy and what investments they need to get. All they need to do is complete their “Dog and Pony show” by turning up and giving a compelling sales pitch. The Strategic Dog and Pony show is truly a case of time wasted, going through the motions, and ultimately achieving nothing. The Strategic Dog and Pony show is merely a symptom of two core underlying issues: Poor Strategy Development and a lack of Value Based Decision Making.

Given the tendency of most companies to “fire fight” during the recent uncertainty, the premium on making strategy development valuable and ensuring that no time is wasted in “going through the motions” has significantly increased. However, our research shows that few companies manage to do it the right way. pdf 2013







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