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Top 10 Design Issues According To Web Marketing!
By: Martin Lemieux

When it comes to designing your site, there are 2 ways you can ultimately go. a) Designing for yourself and no one else, b) Designing to fit web marketing and customer attracting methods.

Here are the top 10 issues you should always consider:
1) Flash vs. HTML vs. ASP vs. PHP: The type of code you use for your site may have a huge impact.

- Flash is not yet ready to fully intergrate within web marketing. Although technology is advancing, search engines aren't moving quickly enough to include this style of coding in their rankings.

- ASP, if your site is completely data base driven, make sure that your code is writen into the page, not being pulled from tables everytime. Also, make sure to pre-plan your meta tags within the data base. Too many data bases out there never implement a meta tag strategy.

- PHP/Java : These are both safe programming methods, just remember to keep it clean and simple. Don't forget to test your programming.

- HTML : Probably always going to be the programming method of choice when it comes to servicing search engines and user friendly web sites.
2) Always test your site for bugs. Even if you think your programming is perfect, most times it's not. Search engines / Visitors will browse your site with more ease. Test your site here: or here:
3) Make your site look as professional as you can. If you can't hire a web designer / graphic designer, go out and spend a little bit of money and buy yourself a really great template for your site.
4) Put up your site for reviews! This is so important because other peoples reviews will reflect exactly what your visitors will think. Opening up to some reviews will create more sales.

You can add your site for review here:
5) Promote proper "Title Tags". While promoting your site, make sure to create a proper title tag that best describes your entire site. Also, make sure to include your entire title within all the "Link exchanges" that you make!

6) Do not break any search engine / spamming rules! This is crucial for your long term survival. Spamming is only a quick fix with a high price attached to it.

7) Implement a link building strategy for your site. Make sure to include a link exchange program within your site when you are designing it. So many people add it on later and it seems like it doesn't belong with the site. Less people will want to leave your site if your link resources looks like the rest of your design.
8) Always expand your information. Search engines / visitors get bored quickly. Bringing in fresh, new content will keep them interested and keep them coming back.
9) Try not to get wrapped up in the "Google Dance". Too many people start watching their online performance instead of increasing it. Promote daily and always stick with it.
10) Create banners, towers, buttons for people to use. It never hurts having someone take your buttons and adding them to their site for nothing in exchange.
Special 11) Stay up-to-date with web marketing news.
Whether it be "", "", or "", always keep up with standards of marketing online!

Good luck with everything!

Best Regards,

Martin Lemieux
Smartads - President

Affordable Web Design & Web Advertising /