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Web Video Gone Viral

With all the interest in viral marketing lately, here are two articles about the making of a recent web video that went viral Ė and had stunning results.

Viral videos are short films released over the Internet that are irreverently entertaining and become so popular that they spread across the web like a "virus" generating mirror links and downloads. Viral videos should not be confused with computer viruses; viral videos are legitimate films produced to entertain and pose no security threats.

The video we are talking about is called The Institute for Backup Trauma and stars Monty Python funnyman and Minister of Silly Walks John Cleese.

The articles are about the making of the video, both written by the scriptwriter and co-founder of the agency Captains of Industry, Ted Page.

The first article, Viral Marketing with the Minister of Silly Walks, is Tedís first-hand account of how the idea for the video got off the ground, the excitement of working with John Cleese, and behind-the-scenes secrets.

The second article, From Spam to Viral Web Video with John Cleese, discusses more about the power of viral marketing, but in the context of the making of The Institute for Backup Trauma.