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Publications - Strategy - Growth

On this site we have compiled a variety of papers from the and from our valued partners that focus on growth. They cover topics like:

● Growth strategies
● Phases and stages of growth
● Problems related to growth
● Management or growth
● Issues that arise from a particular size of an organization

Thoughts on the Lifecycle of Corporations
By Dagmar Recklies 
Experience shows that the time span of successful corporate activity is not endless in most cases. Of course, there are many corporations with a history of 50 years and longer. Nevertheless, the number of companies no matter what size that have been existing for 100 years or even longer is much smaller. This article looks at some reasons why older companies are more inclined to failure then younger ones.


Managing Growth - Phases of Growth
by Oliver Recklies
This article discusses the statement: It is possible to speed up corporate growth but not infinitely. Today start-up, tomorrow at the stock exchange this is impossible for some practical reasons. The question is, however, how fast an organization can develop from start-up with a team of five to a business with 50+ people.
For this discussion, Greiners model of Five Phases of Growth is introduced.


Managing Growth II - Barriers and Preconditions
by Oliver Recklies
This article discusses what actually growth is. It is more than increasing revenues or number of staff. Than it analyses the barriers to and preconditions for successful and sustainable corporate growth.


Small Business - Size as a Chance or Handicap?
by Dagmar Recklies
The sector of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) is an important factor in most economies. SMEs have a good reputation for their ability to innovate and for their close customer relationships. Smaller businesses, however, have some disadvantages that make it difficult for them to compete with the large players in their industry. This article analyses the advantages and disadvantages that result from the smaller size of an organization.


Business Growth Tips: A Roadmap to Business Growth & A Prosperous Future
By Bill Gilbert 
A case study




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