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Effective Management and Leadership Techniques for the IT Industry

By Robert M. Morris


East Carolina University

College of Technology and Computer Science

Master of Science in Technology Systems

Mail: rmm0707 [ a t ]

ICTN 6050: Strategies for Technical Management

Spring 2009



         In today's world, where virtually everyone is just a click away, telecommuting and having workers in remote places introduces a difficult task for the IT manager. A IT manager and leader must have several techniques in place to combat that difficulty, and those techniques, properly used, provides the subordinate workers with the confidence that their management is behind them in every way, and ready to lead them into the next decade of innovations and technological advances. This paper will cover the following topics in detail to inform the reader what it takes to be an effective manager and leader.

         First, the manager must be a leader, for to be effective the two terms must go hand in hand and be recognized as philosophies, not just words. To be an effective leader, one tool that a manager must have is an open door policy. Open door policies allow the subordinate worker to present any complaint to the management, whether the complaint is with a subordinate leader, a technological process, or really anything else that impedes the worker's ability to fully function at his or her given task.

         Second, and this is what helps the manager become a leader, is the military concept of "Be Know Do". While this concept is formed in the military, it should be noted that many great leaders have come from the military, and the military teaches leadership at all levels of stress and pressure, so it is an excellent pool to draw experience from. The concept of "Be Know Do" is simple. The "Be" part of this means to be loyal to your people, and they'll return in kind; "Be" respectful to your workers, and you'll get respect"; let them know that you are there for them, and will do what it takes to get them the tools, training, and information that they need, and they will, in turn, honor you for that, for it means that you honor them as your workers. "Know" means to have those interpersonal, technical, conceptual, and tactical skills that you must need to know in order to be effective in those areas. "Do" means to have the ability to make decisions, tough and easy, when needed; to have the ability to plan, prep, and execute the missions and tasks necessary for your department to be successful.


         Finally, you must know how to delegate authority. You must realize that as a leader you have to trust your subordinates to get the tasks done, and that you can't do everything yourself. Get your people involved with the issues that effect your department and you will find that not only will you respect a different view of an issue that you hadn't thought of before, but your subordinates will be proactive in finding solutions to everyday issues that arise in the workplace.

         With tools such as these, and put into practice, the reader will grow to be an effective manager and respected leader.



Information Technology management is growing as the information technology field expands, and today’s IT managers need to encompass several techniques to become effective leaders and managers in their field. To accomplish this, they need to be able to do the following, they must have clear communication channels with the people subordinate to them and the people they report to; they need to be able to execute the Be, Know, Do method of leadership taught by the military, which enables leaders to have the loyalty and respect of troops-regardless of the battlefield situation; and finally as leaders they must be able to effectively delegate certain responsibilities to ensure tasks get done and to ensure that they do not get bogged down with something that could be handled by a subordinate.


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