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Before & After

By Jean-Claude Saade

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The Golden Rules for “Before & After”

The One most important golden rule for brand experience is to always make the necessary to get a positive outcome from Before & After scenarios. All the rest will follow.

Some additional ideas that can help and add to the above golden rule: 

1 – The immediate result of brand experience is the effect it has on brand reputation – Before & After is a good and immediate “PRM” (Positive Reputation Meter, for those who like acronyms)

2 – Respect your promises and “walk the talk” – Deliver on your brand promise and your Before & After indicator will be just fine. So far we have not encountered brands with bad promises, but we always discover promises that are very badly delivered.

3 – People can be very emotional about brand experiences. They start by being over-enthusiastic about a brand and consequently will be over-disappointed when something goes wrong.


4 – Brand Experience Disappointments are a constant fact of life and to be expected, how to deal with them is the issue. This is where good faith and genuine efforts will merit understanding from the brand stakeholders. Can you think of a president or a prime minister who kept the same positive image Before & After leaving office? – Almost never – Despite the very high hopes, try to imagine the image of president Obama after the next 4 years.

5 – Always make your best to make the Before & After outcome positive. Consistency will cumulate positive credits and win the battle over time.



A simple concept like this is easy to understand and apply by all members of any organization and across all touch-points with customers and other important stakeholders. It can become a company motto, a battle cry, a motivational quote in each and every cubicle and office in the company. Always make sure that customers walk away with a better experience After they have dealt with the company compared to the image or the perception they had Before – Obviously cost effectiveness watch-outs need to be applied to avoid excessive measures for certain situations.

Always do everything possible so that the “After” is consistently better than the “Before”. This is how connections are built and value is created over time.


Jean-Claude SaadeBrand Consultant,





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