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Publications from the
Understanding and Managing Customer Perception
By Dagmar Recklies
In today’s globalising economy competition is getting more and more fierce. That means it becomes more difficult to differentiate a product or service by traditional categories like price, quality, functionality etc. In this situation the development of a strong relationship between customers and a company could likely prove to be a significant opportunity for competitive advantage. This relationship is not longer based on features like price and quality alone. Today it is more the perceived experience a customer makes in his various interactions with a company (e.g. how fast, easy, efficient and reliable the process is) that can make or break the relationship.


Why Segmentation?
by Dagmar Recklies
When it comes to marketing strategies, most people spontaneously think about the 4P (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) – maybe extended by three more Ps for marketing services (People, Processes, Physical Evidence). Market segmentation and the identification of target markets, however, are an important element of each marketing strategy. They are the basis for determining any particular marketing mix. This article starts with steps and criteria for market segmentation. Following, it discusses way market segmentation is an important element of any marketing planning activity.
July 2001


Positioning as a Strategic Marketing Decision
by Dagmar Recklies
This article discusses the relevance of positioning for marketing planning. First, it describes, how positioning relates to segmentation and targeting. Than it explains what to keep in mind when planning positioning.
July 2001


Branding Services
by Dagmar Recklies
This report will initially give a short overview of some general concepts of branding, especially definitions, benefits and types of brands.
Whilst most literature relates to branding for goods, the second part of this report focuses on issues for branding professional services, especially the accounting and consulting industry. The author will relate the approaches this industry currently takes to the relevant theory.
October 1999


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Publications from our valued partners

The Difficulties of Promotion in an International Economy 
Richard Martinez
Marketers find it challenging to effectively reach potential customers around the globe and to position their products and services appropriately in the context of different cultures.

The Imperative of Internal Marketing
Prof.S.Durga Rao, Dept of Management Studies, S.V.University, Tirupati.
Praveen Kumar.S, Research Scholar, Dept of Management Studies, S.V.University, Tirupati.
Despite the rapidly growing literature on Internal Marketing, relatively few organizations actually apply the concept in practice. One of the main problems contributing to this is that there does not exist, a single unified concept of what is meant by Internal Marketing.  However, Internal Marketing can be holistically defined as “Internal marketing is a planned effort using a marketing-like approach directed at motivating employees, for implementing and integrating organizational strategies towards customer orientation”.  
Literature review and need for further research
Brand Vanity
By Jean-Claude Saade
“Vanity is my favorite sin” – says John Milton – the “Devil played by Al Pacino – in the Devil’s Advocate. To put this in a branding perspective, we need to examine the role of Brand Vanity in the current economic crisis. Taking the necessary learning and corrections will be necessary for the recovery. Is Vanity the worst sin a brand or a company can make? Is this related to the very high prices that many brands and businesses have already paid during the groundbreaking events of the past year? More importantly; how to recognize Brand Vanity and deal with it?
Advertising Next Challenges
By Jean-Claude Saade
The current economic downturn is putting additional pressure on Advertising Agencies and triggering some existentialist discussions, but advertising has always been a very dynamic and an ever-changing profession. We currently have a long list of elements that advertising can easily loose and another list of new additions that is waiting to be adopted. What are the key future challenges of advertising?
Before & After
By Jean-Claude Saade
The proof is in the Brand Experience. Have you ever compared the image you had about a brand, a company or a person Before and After dealing with them, believing their promises and buying their products? – Will they keep their positive aura?
Recession Marketing
By Martin Thoma
A series of three articles addressing recession marketing.
Real Estate Branding
By Jean-Claude Saade
Although the core underlying principles are always the same, branding in the real estate business is facing its own challenges and has found special creative ways to deal with them. In certain markets where this sector is now developing in an unprecedented way due to a number of economic and conjuncture reasons, being aware of certain concepts and dynamics about real estate branding might be priceless to real estate developers.
Brand Driving School
By Jean-Claude Saade
Size does really matter for brands and businesses from different aspects especially when it comes to areas like global reach, financial clout, and large pool of talent. However, we have strong reasons to believe that at the core nerve center and driving seat of the brand things would look very much the same.
The Seven Doors
by Jean-Claude Saade
Brands entering the consumers’ world are exactly like building human relationships – let’s take friendship as a positive example. To become friend with other people, certain similarities and common grounds will come to play a bonding role; in the absence of these common grounds or doors, the relationship will be difficult and eventually nonexistent. In building relationships with consumers, brands need to enter from the 7 doors of common interest. Knock, knock…!

Needs Well Met
by Jean-Claude Saade
Like any discipline, marketing has revisited and focused its core concepts over time for more relevance. But for those who still believe that one of the roles of marketing disciplines is to “create needs,” let me tell you about an interesting marketing phenomenon.

The Eternal Principles for Creating Luxury Brands
By Dr. Dan Herman
This article is about the time proven principles for creating luxury brands in order to attract affluents. Attracting wealthy customers is potentially very profitable. After all, they have more money to spend, that can turn into your income. However, succeeding in this task involves a deep understanding of their psychological need, of their lifestyle, of the role of brands in their world and in their relationships as well as of their purchasing behavior and spending patterns. Some of these are truly counter-intuitive and surprising.


Create Enticing Brands, not "Lovemarks"
By Dr. Dan Herman
Dan discusses the concept of "Lovemarks", created by Kevin Roberts, the worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, and explains how to build loved brands.


The Marketing Hits' Formula
By Dr. Dan Herman
From time to time the marketing world is stunned by huge, quick, unpredictable and seemingly inexplicable successes. These hits are products or services, entertainment locales or vacation spots, shopping malls or specialty stores that enjoy a puzzling immediate popularity.


Creating brand instrumentality beyond the product
By Dr. Dan Herman
The main reason for the general fascination with brands is their ability to provide the consumers an extra value in addition to what the product\service\company themselves can provide a value which becomes the major motivation for consumers to desire the product. Everybody agrees about that, but from here on it becomes foggy. 
So what should one do if he wishes to develop a brand? My recommendation is: read on. In this short article I intend to dispel the mystery and to suggest a workable approach to creating value added brands.
pdf-file - 26 KB


EyeTrack III - Can It Really SEE Your Visitors Thought Patterns?
By Martin Lemieux   
The newest report out on "seeing" what people look at when they browse through your site and how they react to certain layouts, headlines, images, and text formats. Do you really want to know what people see when they visit your site? You think you're ready for the harsh reality? The project managers of the EYETRACK III team, Steve Outing and Laura Ruel seem to have done quite a bit of work and I want to thank them for their findings.   So how do we utilize this new found information?


Al Ries might be dangerous to your brand
By Dan Herman, PhD   
In the business world's hall of fame a special place is reserved for Al Ries. He is without any doubt one of the most prominent gurus of strategic thinking. More than 30 years ago, together with his partner Jack Trout, Ries coined the term "Positioning" – a concept which, to these very days, shapes the way of marketing and branding all over the world. Only very few other concepts come close in importance.


The New Market Segmentation
by Dan Herman, PhD
If you’re trying to segment your market in the traditional way, what you may be looking for would be groups of consumers sorted out in such a way that a certain likeness exists within each group, and a difference exists between them. According to the conventional segmenting method, people in each segment should differ – to some extent – from the people in the other segments. Nevertheless, usually, they do not. If you have been segmenting for many years, you already know that the problem has just been worsening with time. The reason why this is so is that there has been a long lasting consumer trend going on, with numerous implications, because of which we should change the way by which we segment the market.


The Making or Faking of Emotionally Significant Brands
Creating a genuine 'Feel Appeal' for your brand

by Dan Herman, PhD
Brands can be emotionally powerful, but…
The emergence of new phenomenal brands is truly awesome. Do you remember 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' (1977)? At the beginning of the movie, an amazing occurrence takes place. Masses of people from all over the world, dream of a certain place where they feel compelled to be. Later it transpires that unknowingly, they all arrived at the alien-landing site. To me, this scene illustrates what happens in the marketplace at the appearance of an ace brand such as 'Harry Potter'. Millions of people suddenly feel that they just have to be there. This paper is about the erudition and the know-how necessary for the purposeful creation of such emotionally powerful brands.
June 2003
pdf-file - 999 KB


eMarketing: New Millennia
by Cameron Dart
We are quickly moving into a new world – a ‘wireless world’, sporting trendy Internet-enabled handheld devices and interactive televisions. New marketing methods are emerging, forcing companies to change the way they search out and connect with their customers. The revolutionary element of ‘trackable digital delivery’ is helping marketers measure their efforts and gain real-time intelligence about their customer base. This article takes a look at how to break through the clutter, and drive companies into the 21st century with new technologies.
January 2002


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Naseem Javed's branding column

The Big Bang of Business Naming
By Naseem Javed
Suddenly some explosively positive and futuristically pragmatic policies about the Internet and global e-commerce are creating amazing galaxies of business naming. With already 1.7 billion online users and 1 billion more on its way the new business naming capabilities befitting advance and intricate platforms of global cyber branding provide mega opportunities. Depending on types and styles of businesses, for a fraction of cost, several dozens of multiple websites in multilingual formats with right type of domain names skating worldwide can easily catapult sales many folds and increase visibility to brand new stratosphere.
Awaken The Sleeping Giants & Slay The Dragons
By Naseem Javed
Behind every effort and every move of any company of any size lies a very simple and a powerful fact. That is, the outside world responds to the Name identity of a company before they part money. Customers are influenced by the personality of the Name identity, what it says, connotes, projects and what kind of secret or hidden messages it has embedded in its alpha-structure.
The Balancing Acts of National Image
By Naseem Javed
Who are the new champion nations on the global stage delivering the finest performances and altering the course of branded imagery of goods and services? Where are the old traditional nations and what’s happening to them today? The global shifts on image repositioning are causing minor quakes throughout various continents as brand new landscapes are erupting, while previously cherished perceptions are being swept away.
The Big Green Paint Job
By Naseem Javed
Suddenly, away from the hundreds of available colors, there is a rush all over the world to paint almost everything green; green paint, green ribbons, green wrappings and green fabrics becoming the top choice, causing shortages of the material, while green logos, green billboards and almost politically-correct green ties and attires are becoming the most fashionable and trendy statements.
As if this process will provide that green-mask, creating the appearance of a fighter, presence of a leader, out fixing the global environment. Oh Really?
Lost in Global Translation?
What are customers around the world saying about the new booming Middle Eastern brands? What are they reading in the brand-names? Which ones are they loving and talking about? Which ones can they pronounce, type and remember easily? Are these new local brands leading the charge for global mindshare, creating presence of greatness, or are they seriously lost in global translation?
When Will Google™ Become Generic?
Today, there are hundreds of once highly protected famous name brands, which were backed by multi-million dollar promotional budgets, now commonly used in daily lingo as generic names, as it was their huge popularity that made them lose their trademark protection. So why is the use of famous trademarked names as ‘verbs’ in our daily language feared by the attorneys representing that mark? Now this calls for a closer look.
CIRCULAR MARKETING: The Number One Issue of 2006
We are being forced to re-design to a new level of “micro-nization” of business units, a “wireless-izing” of mass communication and a “voip-izing” of populace conversations in marketplaces, under a massive globalization with highly localized customization to fit the demands of consumers. This subject is very hot and research on these issues is still being drafted.
A Final Word on Branding 
By Naseem Javed  
Pregnant mothers are being pooled to place ads on their round, shiny stomachs as part of "tummy branding." Some argue that this is how news is created. To some, this is "desperate branding" in action. Welcome to "guaranteed-to-fail branding," a process that ensures a top spot on the list of branding failures. These projects are sometimes called "reality branding." There is no limit to these weird processes.
Customers Are Color Blind 
By Naseem Javed, 
In today's e-commerce age, where everyone is forced to type and to remember names with absolutely correct spellings, companies with big branding campaigns only hurt themselves with their old-fashioned, painted, colorful advice. They must all reconverge and regroup and realign their thinking to cope with today's name-driven economy.
Super Advertising Slogans & Super Costs 
By Naseem Javed   
Advertising slogans or taglines pushing sales are great for getting a customer’s attention as they often tangle and hold them hostage for a second or two. Some taglines catch the user’s attention, but most are simply confusing, causing them to “escape the trap” and run away.
The Forbidden Fruits & Singing Bananas
A very serious fight between Apple Computers and Apple Records of The Beatles is now headed for the ninth round.
By Naseem Javed   
On this side of the ring is Sir Paul McCartney, with the title of a legendary musical artist and boyish looks with a cute smile. On the other side, yet another youthful boy wonder, Steve Job with his intellect and a legendary title for being the first to lead the start of the personal computer revolution.   
The fight is all about the name and use of the word “Apple”, and its right owners.
What’s Hush-Hush Marketing?
Who are these mysterious and secretive executives behind millions of corporate websites?

By Naseem Javed   
There are millions of very expensive, well-designed websites all over the globe. Most have a lot of information to offer with great graphic illustrations, supportive explanations about their relevant experiences and capabilities with upfront personalities.   But in a very large majority of cases, what is missing is the proof about who really are the people behind the site: the owners, the management the staff and their true particulars. This information is often missing, as the viewer is only left with one or two e-mail addresses to a single department.
Naming that THING…again?
By Naseem Javed   
Most corporations, when giving birth to a new product, behave just like parents jumping in frenzy in a maternity ward. This typical hysterical hoopla of the incubation wing is often replaced by a subtler, cubicle behavior and at times becomes a subdued Dilbertish style revolution. Objects do fly, even though they are memos or sometimes, sharp yet harmless, foamy projectiles. Everyone shares the excitement and all fights are well intentioned. Everyone wants a successful launch. There is always a good feeling and everyone is happy.
Why Not Brand For An Entire Century?
By Naseem Javed
How corporations must protect their Cyber-Image for E-Commerce Branding and why marketing, branding, PR and corporate communications all need a definite long-term strategy
It’s a good thing…corporate image is only a house of cards…
By Naseem Javed
Why Corporate Images Need More Than A Quick Face Lift
By Naseem Javed
As businesses start to get ready for the next up-cycle, new Names Identities and Images are underway. Big time branding failures and silly naming of the recent past taught marketers some key lessons. Here, is a quick guide to test any Name Identity in use or being planned for the upswing.
Because a rainbow arches from its HQ all the way to prison. 
By Naseem Javed
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More publications and short writings from our valued partners

Internal Marketing - A Conceptual Framework
By Dr.S.Praveen Kumar and Dr.S.Durga Rao – Professor, S.V.University, Tirupati.
In the knowledge economy of today, more than the material and capital resources, ideas and knowledge serve as valuable currency. Firms which have talented, committed and engaged employees enjoy significant advantages over their rivals. Therefore, companies spend a great deal of time and effort in building, engaging, motivating and retaining talent. An important way of accomplishing this task is by Internal Marketing.
Why Customer Service Destroys Salespeople
By Mark Hunter
Article about the impact of customer service orientation of salespeople on their sales performance
How to Build Customer Loyalty Simply By Making & Keeping Credible Promises to the Marketplace
An introduction of Scott Glatstein's new book Strategy Activation: How to Turn Your Vision Into Marketplace Success
Licensing in the Marketing Mix
By Asim Khan
Licensing is a method of leveraging an organization’s process, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property for a fee or royalty.
pdf-file (94 KB)
A human "operating system" for your brand
by Jean-Claude Saade
Are consumer behavior techniques and models really bringing brands and marketers closer to consumers? Are brands missing the basics of establishing a real and consistent relationship with consumers? – J-C Saade a Dubai based brand consultant suggests that consumers follow a well known model for their relationships that needs to be respected by brands as well.
It's time to take 'You Incorporated' to market
By Adriaan Groenewald   
Is it necessary to market yourself in order to be successful in your corporate career? Is just being competent at your job enough anymore? Is it your responsibility to manage your own career? If you need to manage your own career and market yourself, what model should you use and how should you go about it, especially in a competitive global environment? Moditure Consulting MD ADRIAAN GROENEWALD finds answers to these questions from people at the top.
Aligning the brand license (pdf-file)
Integrating marketing objectives into the license agreement
By Kirk Martensen
Most trademark licensing relationships are defined and evaluated based upon provisions in a license agreement contract. In the case of a brand extension license, there can be a lot at stake, including the health and well being of the licensor's brand. Surprisingly, many license agreements do not include specific terms or requirements that reflect key brand and marketing related objectives. This lack of ‘license alignment’ can be a serious deficiency in the license agreement that impairs the licensor - licensee relationship and limits the licensed business.
CEOs Need To Embrace Customer Management
By Doug Leather   
Although "customer management" is still immature in most large companies, it remains a board agenda item.
Keep your customers, boost your profits
By Doug Leather   
In today's economy, it is common knowledge that retaining customers can be up to 100% more profitable than acquiring new ones. Research by Gartner, Peppers & Rogers and others shows that it costs five times as much to find a new customer as it does to keep an old one. Despite this, customer acquisition still tends to get the lion's share of most marketing budgets, a reality that belies the customer management commitments many companies pay lip service to in their marketing brochures.
17 Tips for Bringing Your Event to Life
by Susan Friedmann
One key to a successful special event is to seek out entertainment or decorations that are unique and fun to spark conversation among guests. As you begin envisioning your event, picture the mood you want the environment to create.
Ten Secrets of Super Successful Meeting Planners
By Susan Friedmann
Being a meeting planner isn’t easy! It’s tough and demanding as well as fun, exciting, exhilarating, stimulating, and never ever boring. This article focuses on ten skills that can make a meeting planner super successful.
html-file - 17 KB
Top 10 Design Issues According To Web Marketing!
By: Martin Lemieux
When it comes to designing your site, there are 2 ways you can ultimately go. a) Designing for yourself and no one else, b) Designing to fit web marketing and customer attracting methods.
Here are the top 10 issues you should always consider
A Network Of Web Sites Is Not Enough!
By Martin Lemieux
The irresistible outbreak of trust
by Michael Sarnefors
Viral marketing is replacing traditional marketing because it allows low-cost, rapid, highly targeted, personalized, and therefore extremely effective, communication and propagation of marketing messages to existing and potential customers, by leveraging relationships of trust
The Brand Called You
By Steven Van Yoder  
Every company has a reputation. Everyone you meet will form an opinion about your company, even if they have not done business with you yet. The challenge is to manage your reputation so that the opinion that people have of you is positive. This is what creates a brand.
Cause-Related Marketing
by Steven Van Yoder
Embracing a cause makes good business sense. Nothing builds brand loyalty among today's increasingly hard-to-please consumers like a company’s proven commitment to a worthy cause. Other things being equal, many consumers would rather do business with a company that stands for something beyond profits. 
Concept Screening Fundamentals: Developing a brand extension concept screening model
By Kirk Martensen
Trademark licensing is often segmented into ‘conventional licensing’ and ‘brand extension licensing’. Brand extension has become a major focus of many firms in the corporate trademark licensing business. It is reported that corporate trademark or brand related licensed products exceed $18 billion in annual retail sales in the U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately, few licensors have the resources required to simultaneously evaluate and develop multiple brand extension licensed product categories. Product concept screening can help the licensing firm to separate the winners from the losers.
The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing "How to trigger exponential sales through runaway word of mouth"
Book Summary by Regine P. Azurin and Yvette Pantilla
Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful and persuasive weapon you can use, and it won't cost you anything! Based on George Silverman's years of consulting with successful word-of-mouth campaigns of his own clients, here is one of the first resources on how to harness the often underestimated power of word-of-mouth, and be heard above the media noise
Building and developing brands in the automotive aftermarket
by Hanns Günther Bollig, Automotive Advisors & Associates
With the fall of block exemption, the automotive aftermarket becomes more open for OEM suppliers. In order to be successful, OEM supplier have to improve public awareness of their brands and products. This article describes some of the issues and opportunities.
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