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Recession Marketing

Martin Thoma has written a series of three articles addressing recession marketing.

The first one - RECESSION LOOMS: INCREASE YOUR MARKETING BUDGET! - explains why it is wiser to increase your marketing budget during a recession than to decrease it. This article is from May 2008.

The second article - WHAT TO DO NOW - is from June 2008. Here Martin explores some characteristics of recessionary psychology and what you can do about them. This is about questions like
What tactics or approaches might you deploy given the changing economic climate and consumer psychology? Is there anything about a down market that recommends a shift in strategy or tactics?

The last article of this series is from January 2009. It is titled THE MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS TO MANAGE NOW: YOUR HEAD. Martin writes 'Reflecting on the state of things brought to mind that there is one other critically important thing to manage in this economy: our own state of mind. ... Scary times call for disciplined thinking on the part of brand leaders. The state of the economy calls for an intentional state of mind. Steering a brand through choppy waters requires a firm hand on the tiller, commitment to first principles and the ability to swallow a lot of your own fear in service to the brand.'



Martin Thoma is a principal with Thoma Thoma, a brand growth and marketing firm serving clients throughout the United States. He is co-creator of The Brand Navigator System, a comprehensive program for discerning, defining and articulating brand power. Reach him at or Skype martinethoma.





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