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The Big Bang of Business Naming

By Naseem Javed

Suddenly some explosively positive and futuristically pragmatic policies about the Internet and global e-commerce are creating amazing galaxies of business naming. With already 1.7 billion online users and 1 billion more on its way the new business naming capabilities befitting advance and intricate platforms of global cyber branding provide mega opportunities. Depending on types and styles of businesses, for a fraction of cost, several dozens of multiple websites in multilingual formats with right type of domain names skating worldwide can easily catapult sales many folds and increase visibility to brand new stratosphere.

Firstly in a major move, the floodgates are now open to create foreign language domain names while so many highly populated countries are lined to create their own colorful and dynamic galaxies of business names. Chinese, Arabic and Cyrillic domain names will become very popular and pushing away English as the only language of domains and cyber-space. A smart business strategy would be to fully comprehend and understand the nature of these dramatic changes on the global scene and immediately start an action plan around it.

Secondly, only those business names that can orbit freely would be fine as tens of millions other with nomenclature problems will come crashing down on top of each other causing serious damage to their business models and totally wasting their advertising and marketing without getting any value or desired attention in the marketplace.

Here are the five critical issues for the CEOs of any size or type of organization around the world.

Nomenclature 101: how is your current corporate name identity is structured, how does it this name play into various sub-products services and divisions?

Is it unique and one-of-a-kind or highly diluted surrounded by identical and similar names, How much does it change its personality in translation and foreign connotations. Would it survive in this new global arena? What are the best options available today?

Multilingualization 101: what would be the direct benefits of creating multilingual name identities to capture additional exposure in the expanding e-commerce markets?

What would be the best model to apply? How to position your existing current names and what sub-cyber-extensions should be created to maximize marketing and advertising dollars. What are the greater economies of scale in savings and additional market share?

Domainization 101: how powerful is your current domain name system? What is the value and how can you fortify it with additional support and what are the options available to play parallel to advance platforms and newly announced policies for the global markets. What type of domain nomenclature will dramatically increase your ecommerce presence for minimal costs?

Minimalization 101: how many unnecessary overheads with layers of excessive branding and packaging that are being wasted and how to converge via aggressive digitalization to make the operation highly streamlined, dramatically economical and focused on key global target markets? How to minimize costs, in reaching for different type of targeted and diverse global markets.


In order to achieve superior performance the following are the prerequisites.

Appoint a Director of Internal Naming, this person would be committed with the daily routines of monitoring of all the names of the enterprise and deal with hundreds of other issues and opportunities that are floating around so as to acquire and tabulate comprehensive information for the management with solid recommendations. This person has to be an open-mined, objective fact finder analyst and does not necessarily have to be an advertising-branding-executive or neither a linguist.  This dedicated person would be willing to deal with the complexity of the major global markets with open-mindedness towards various cyber tsunamis approaching where some will bring great opportunities and some requiring immediate barricades.

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN has so many new great offerings and the complexity demands dedicated efforts to minimize huge losses currently taking place where massive marketing campaigns are not producing sales. The new gTLD and TLD programs alone are extraordinary moves as they create revolutionary tools for the right marketing combinations.  In return cyber branding and all digital platforms are normally the cheapest but also the most futuristic and simplistic way for market expansion. This is a specialized field and requires deeper understanding just like when Internet started overnight eBay, Netscape, Amazon, eTrade and thousands of others ideas erupted on the global stage.

To start your discovery process first obtain a professional Name Evaluation Report, so your business team is fully aware of not only the obvious but at times the mysterious and hidden messages your business name identity may be emulating in the marketplace. 99% of the time corporations are not aware of all the secrets resulting in lost sales opportunities. We are living in a new-name-economy, where countries and regions with ownerships to the most of the name-brand-identities go out and declare wars in targeted markets to achieve trade superiority. The current meltdown is creating brand-new opportunities for now players to come in and fill up the gaps. Discover the rules of engagement and study in detail about The 5 Star Standard of Naming; available on the Internet, as without this a great deal of time can be wasted on naming issues. Deeper understanding of name evaluation and how it can make a break a business is critical as we are all living in a highly diluted and convoluted business name identities piled like huge garbage dumps.

Mobilize a five-year plan, with a mandate to acquire leadership via cyber branding and advanced level name management policies to multiply your sales potential to new heights. Great products, services or ideas demand exceptional visibility to become popular and interactive with the global populace, any lack of structural or perceptual handicaps in naming would keep the operation struggling and always short on sales.

Summary: The most name management applications are miniscule in costs while most cyber mediums to play are almost free, with such great opportunity it is the core knowledge about such landscape and the real art of corporate nomenclature that is seriously missing from the scene. The current digital talk and social-media frenzy has very little to do with this reality. This is all about commanding knowledge on how to restructure a better master naming architecture on current dysfunctional names and how to keep them alive in this expanding global market place.

Businesses must create internal expertise or get outside help while advertising, marketing and branding professionals must aggressively adopt world-class level training to replace their serious lack of naming expertise and prepare for open debate on this hot subject. Once properly trained they would not only be able to offer highly specialized business nomenclature, based on naming laws, languages, translations, perceptions, trademark rules along side with their core expertise of logos-slogans and general branding.  The Name Evaluation Report is the best place to start this business development process. This new Big Bang of business naming will create a dynamic flavor to any business anywhere in the world and open greater access to prosperity.


Naseem Javed, widely recognized a world-authority on global naming strategies and corporate nomenclature issues. Author of Naming for Power, Naseem introduced The Laws of Corporate Naming in 80s and currently he is advising corporations and lecturing on global cyber branding and the ICANNís new gTLD platforms.


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