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The Future of TV
By Jean-Claude Saade
TV is a very important medium in our life and the TV industry has been always changing and adopting new ways and technologies. This time, the change is big and will take the “TV product” that TV stations and media companies are offering to a different level. This might be alarming for some people, but we believe it will lead to more control and better experiences for consumers. It also can be great news for the prepared brands.

The side effects of Basel III on banks
by Dagmar Recklies
Much has been written about the effects of the new Basel III / CRD IV regulation on Banks.  My focus in this article will be a slightly different one: Besides the primary effects of Basel III like tighter equity requirements and implicit restrictions for business models, there will be some side effects on banks. As I see it, these secondary effects of the new regulatory requirements too may have a significant impact on banks' profitability and agility – at least for the implementation period.

How to Rebuild Corporate Trust
By Dr. Bob Deutsch
Article about the state of corporate America and what it can do to rebuild corporate trust
Why Corporate Images Are On Fire?
By Naseem Javed
Overnight, things got suddenly changed, over-exposing of corporate credibility and governance, like Richter scales gone wild are thumping the global populace in sheer panic while shattering thousands of mega corporate name brands worldwide.
A Worldwide Corporate Metamorphosis
By Naseem Javed
The historian will have to be very kind to this global financial meltdown and should reward it for the most needed rude awakening call forcing a dramatic change of traditional business models. Right now, all over the world, this crisis is teaching CEOs new things, firstly, face the music and change the tune and secondly, appreciation for finer details and anger management during this extremely-hyper-loss-count.
Meltdown Creates New Global Champions
By Naseem Javed
A summary of the issues of meltdown and how the new global champions will emerge
Raising Capital and Internet Offers
By Hannah M. Terhune
Learn How to Raise Capital and Avoid Illegal Offers of Your Fund
The Nine New Mega Opportunities of 2009
By Naseem Javed
The business issues of 2009 are not only hyper-accelerated but they will take many sudden turns...  Naseem Javed has carefully selected the NINE hot opportunities for 2009
Hedge Fund Performance Fees 
By Hannah Terhune
The Quest for Digital Gold – Leveraging Social Media
By Aneesh Issar, Associate Director, Consumer & Business Insights Practice at RocSearch
As companies demand more return on their marketing dollars, social media is playing a pivotal role in the future of online brand engagement. The research study attempts to showcase the social media eco-system, its drivers & imperatives while detailing cases of brand successes and failures attempting to harness the power of this medium.
The study covers campaigns from P&G, Nintendo, Heinz, Wal-Mart,"Step Up", Sephora and many more.
Management By Simplicity
By Praveen Kumar.S
Three case studies about very successful businesses with very simple management styles
Starting an Offshore Fund
By Hannah M. Terhune, Esquire 2008©
The Big, Bad Brand of Bollywood
By Naseem Javed
There is really nothing wrong with the brand "Bollywood", except that the Indian film industry has become far more powerful and far-reaching than any thing else like this in any other country of the world, and even larger than Hollywood.
The Positive "R" words
By Naseem Javed
The current and unavoidable Recession of America, slowly impacting Canada, Mexico, spreading it wings towards Europe and Asia, all the way to the farthest corners of the world is nothing to be either afraid or surprised of. It is just one of those cycles that appear every decade or so. While some land soft, some land hard, but this may be the hardest, yet still there are some very positive things in that "R" word.
Can Short-Term Brand "Candidate Obama" Transform Successfully Into Long-Term Brand "President Obama"?
Dan Herman, Ph.D.
A spate of recent articles about the Obama brand have, in my view as an expert on marketing, neglected the brand's strategy and focused its verbal or visual expressions. But far more important is the distinction between the short-term brand, "Candidate Obama," and the long-term brand, "President Obama."
Revolution in a Box
By Naseem Javed
Come August 24th, 2008, when the Olympics Games start with music and hymns and the torch lit the flame, ..., the whole world will witness a sleeping giant, awaken to create a global shockwave. Like a nicely packaged, little gift box, a highly intense global consumer revolution will be let out to create ripples in global image shifts and perception consuming minds and like a tsunami will mostly wash over the busy production facilities of hundreds of nations parked far away.
The Presidential Branding
By Naseem Javed
Article about the branding and labeling of politicians and of the presidential candidates in the US
Practice of strategic planning in German retail banks
by Oliver Recklies
This paper analyses the practice of strategic planning of two major player groups within retail banking business in Germany. Both types of banks face a set of burdens to organise their strategic planning processes. To discuss strategic planning approaches within these organizations the author uses a three step framework of (1) strategic analysis, (2) strategy finding and (3) strategy assessment. Key factors influencing the planning processes will be identified. For each element of the framework the author discusses tools and methods which are employed by bank managers to overcome existing barriers. For strategy assessment two benchmarking approaches are analysed. The author argues that approaches of these banks give an example how small organisations might address the issues of strategic planning.
Welcome To The Click Society: The 2008 Mega Trends
By Naseem Javed
We are simply not alone any longer, anywhere or anytime... not even in the most private rooms and quiet spaces that we so dearly cherish. All that beautiful décor and openness that we think is filled with fresh air is actually jam packed with zillions of invisible wireless messages, electronic signals, streaming videos and all kinds of pulses that are fast forwarding our cyber-society of today.
The $100 Zerophobia
By Naseem Javed
Consumers all over the world have always found comfort in things that are often priced at the 99 cent range, regardless of whether it's a small item at $9.99 or $99,000 for a big ticket item.
What Does The London 2012 Olympic Logo Prove?
By Naseem Javed
That there is absolutely nothing wrong with the new London 2012 Olympics logo, but there is something seriously wrong with the logo-driven branding industry at large
Who Really Owns Your Brand?
By Naseem Javed
You may think that you have an absolute, 100% ownership for your brand, yet if your name identity is shared with hundreds of others, then you clearly lack 100% ownership.
Theme-Based Real Estate Branding
By Naseem Javed
With some one thousand theme-based-cities being developed at a phenomenal rate here in the Middle East, the branding and name identities of such projects become nightmares.
The Newspaper Cemetery
By Naseem Javed
Despite all denials, newspapers all over the world are simply dying. The gravity of the problem is not that the competing media like TV or Internet are at play it’s rather that the public all over the world prefers moving pictures in the palms of their hands over deciphering or reading between the lines of nicely arranged words spread out on a paper blanket.
The Super Stars
By Praveen Kumar S
Indian entrepreneurs are making waves all across the world. Indian business firms are making acquisitions abroad and spreading their tentacles in various corners of the world. Indian Entrepreneurs have proved all doomsday prophecies wrong and on the contrary have flourished. A brief profile and the management style of some famous Indian entrepreneurs’ viz. Jamsetji Tata, Birla, Dhirubhai Ambani, Subhash Chandra, Verghese Kurien and Narayana Murthy.

The World's Largest Office
By Naseem Javed 
As the free-floating, nonrestrictive nature of streamlined internet access and efficiency continue to grow, the internet community will slowly render the traditional functionality of the office obsolete. Bye-bye cubicles and bye-bye water coolers.

Global Image Re-Positioning 2007
By Naseem Javed
Suddenly, there is a new global tidal wave of change all over the Asian region, the obvious signs are people on the move, new developments and properties popping up all over the region and a nouvo-consumerism is appearing at every corner, customers are buying shiny and wonderful things with beautiful packaging and companies are addressing their hunger with massive blitzes. Unseen by the masses but clearly visible to global circumnavigators, a new storm is building, wiser and well seasoned, like homing pigeons, immigrants are returning to their homelands…soon it will cut a clear path.
The SME Revolution starts in Dubai and GCC
By Naseem Javed
The Western economies realized decades ago that small and medium enterprises are really the main drivers of the economy. While big businesses are necessary to preserve and maintain structure within the economy, surely they have considerable problems of their own. Mega corporations of the earlier era have increasingly lost their edge to smaller, nimbler organizations, which have spouted all over the Western landscape. The Middle East is now a new turning point for SME’s to begin a grassroots revolution.
Forex Trader-to- Forex Fund Manager: The Path to Success
by Hannah Terhune, JD LLM
While starting and managing a forex fund isn't for the inexperienced forex trader, it's not as tough or complicated as it may seem. These funds woo investors who want to participate in the forex markets but who know that they do not have the time or expertise to trade their own accounts.
Due Diligence, Disclosure and Fund Managers
by Hannah Terhune, JD LLM
Fund managers should be prepared for the proverbial "check under the hood" when it comes to attracting new investors. When dealing with potential investors ("prospects"), it may be helpful for fund managers to understand the due diligence process in order to be better prepared for all contingencies.

How to Set Up Your Own Hedge Fund 
By Hannah Terhune, JD LLM
This article covers many of the basic tenets of hedge funds. It educates the reader on the components of hedge funds and common subjects related to them.

The Worst Thing about Best Practices
By Michael W. McLaughlin
Few consulting “tools” are more widely abused these days than so-called best practices. It’s no wonder most banks, supermarkets, airlines, retailers, and consulting firms look astonishingly similar—they’ve been busy copying each other’s best practices for decades. What’s most alarming is how ingrained their use has become in the language of consultants and clients. Best practices have joined the long list of meaningless phrases like scalable strategies, seamless integration, and transformational initiatives.
Financial services must focus on future while optimising the present
Doug Leather, MD, REAP Consulting  
No managers in financial services need to be told that their world is changing quickly, or that managing change is difficult, or that short-term success is no guarantee of long-term success or even survival, or that short-term failure is not a guarantee of demise. However, DOUG LEATHER, founder and MD of REAP Consulting, says all managers need to understand that balancing change for tomorrow and for the day after tomorrow is probably the best trick they can pull off - for their own careers, for their shareholders or stakeholders, and for their customers.
9 Ways Consultants Lose Sales 
by Michael W. McLaughlin
Proposals are one of the most widely used - and abused - marketing tools in a consultant's arsenal. All too often, consultants snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with a lousy proposal. We focus here on nine ways to blow a proposal.
Paving the road to profits 
By Hanns Guenther Bollig
The article shows the principles of good logistics. If these principles are followed, the reader will be able to save significant costs and improve customer service.
Survey on the Growth Perspectives of the European Automotive Supplier Industry
- How Suppliers can win more Business in Europe -

By Hanns Guenther Bollig   
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) commissioned Automotive Advisors & Associates to conduct a survey amongst the European automotive manufacturers and their largest first-tier suppliers about the growth prospects of the European automotive supply industry and the priority actions for suppliers and governments.

Understanding the Challenges of a Liberalised Aftermarket
By Hanns Guenther Bollig
The liberalised automotive aftermarket provides great opportunities for suppliers to win additional direct business with the end customers and take more profits home.

Fit for Growth
By Hanns Guenther Bollig
During the boom time of process cost reduction programmes, Automotive Advisors & Associates carried out a European Benchmark Project about "Best Practice" in Improvement Programme Management in the automotive industry. The results are stunning. This Survey on the effectiveness of business improvement programmes in the automotive industry shows how effective the various approaches to cost reduction and business improvements have been in the past. Which ones have been successful, which ones have been flops.
Healthcare: e-learning in India
By Nishikant Waikar, Gunjan Saxena & Jagannath Prakash
Health is considered as luxury for the people of a country having population more than 100 crore and just 55 doctors per 1 million population to serve. Can we ever imagine to achieve the mission of Health for All by 2020 ! To cater the need of such a huge population, we need expert and skilled medical professionals and managers, but there is a great gap between demand and supply, which can be fulfilled by e-learning in health care education, to a great extent.
html-file - 33 KB
Myths - STP in Financial Services
By Deepak Pareek
What is STP, its’ benefits and strategies to have best solutions? Is the business case for STP still valid and what should be the key elements in an STP strategy? What are the myths surrounding the importance of STP.  This article takes a look at the subject of STP by attempting to underline its importance, best way forward and in the process, exploding a few of the myths associated with it.
html-file - 34 KB
E-medicine in India: - Hurdles and future prospects
By Gunjan Saxena and Jagannath Prakash Singh
E-Medicine is not an evolutionary concept but a revolutionary concept in itself. It represents a very innovative approach in providing quality health care whenever and wherever needed, but is seen lacking reliability, user friendliness & most importantly governmental support. In fact the main challenge facing website administrators, software engineers, system developers & medical practitioners is to develop strategies that will give e- care a reliable environment to exploit opportunities and make it more feasible & cost effective.
pdf-file - 150 KB

The Internet: Redefining relationships in the supply chain
By Hanns Günther Bollig
The automotive industry is fighting to increase it's attractiveness for shareholders and funds. The Internet will provide them with the opportunity to increase shareholder value and compete more effectively with other industries. Issues are: Exploiting the automotive brands, supplying the built-to-order car, rationalising the supply chain, new build technology and improved customer service
Read the Executive Summary
html-file - 31 KB
Online Marketplaces for Freelancers - Faults in the Business Model?
by Dagmar Recklies
Many electronic marketplaces for freelancers and project work have started on the Web during the last years. The business model seemed to be brilliant. However, if you have a closer look at the long list of Internet-based marketplaces for freelancers and project workers, you will find that not all of them make significant business any more.
So why doesn’t this fascinating concept work? As so often, reasons are multiple.
June 2001
html-file - 27 KB
The Management Consultancy Industry - An Analysis 
by Dagmar Recklies
The management consultancy industry shows a very fragmented picture with various segments and player groups. We have analyzed this industry in its current state and future prospects. 
This industry shows an impressive growth. It outperforms the average GDP growth in many countries. This growth is fuelled by the developments in its clients industries, which require ever-new consulting needs. Amongst these drivers, IT is one of the most important ones. The German Association of Management Consultants predicts, that about 50% of all consulting assignments will at least partly include some e-business consulting in 2001. However, this industry is not without problems. The already fierce competition will become even harder, driven by new entrants from other industries and by consolidation amongst their clients. Moreover, management consultancies do not only compete for clients, but also for staff. The ability to attract qualified people is one of the critical success factors in this knowledge-based industry. Read our two-part analysis
Part I - Current State: Market Segments and Player Groups - html file - 19 KB
Part II - Future Prospects: Driving Forces, Future Developments for Market Segments and Player Groups, Critical Success Factors for Consulting Businesses -html file - 26 KB
April 2001
Internet Marketplaces for Freelancers – The Future of Work?
by Dagmar Recklies
Marketplaces for freelancers and freelance projects are an example of the many new business models on the web. The chances for survival of many B2B marketplaces are discussed controversially today. However, freelancer-marketplaces still have a good image in terms of future prospects. Freelancing is widely seen as the model for work in 21st century. Accordingly, the industry is enthusiastic.   For a more down-to-earth analysis, this article will describe how the business model works. Than we discuss, what these marketplaces really can offer their members – buyers and sellers of services. Finally, we have a look at the future of (freelance) work.
January 2001
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Expo 2000
by Oliver Recklies
This article asks why the World Exhibition 2000 in Hanover missed its ambiguous objectives and why so few visitors wanted to see it. To find answers, the author compares the Expo's problems with the problems Eurodisney Paris faced during its first years - and finds lots of similarities
July 2000
html-file - 12 KB
The Venture Capital Industry
by Dagmar Recklies
An analysis of the Venture Capital Industry: key player groups, success factors, competitive situation, drivers for change, two possible future scenarios and likely reactions of players
March 2000
html-file - 103 KB
Printer-friendly pdf-file (228 KB)
Euro Disney I
by Dagmar Recklies
This report was written as an assignment in the authors MBA-Course for Managing Finance. It answers the question:
Were the 1992 and 1993 financial results for Euro Disney an indication that principal factors in the planning process were wrong?
September 1999
html-file - 178 KB
Euro Disney II
by Oliver Recklies
This report was written as an assignment in the authors MBA-Course for Managing Finance. It answers the question:
How far do your think Disney's assumptions in the planning process overlooked some key cultural differences in the market in Europe and areas where Disney had had previous experience?
September 1999
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