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The Quest for Digital Gold – Leveraging Social Media

By Aneesh Issar, Associate Director, Consumer & Business Insights Practice at RocSearch, write to


For the 50th anniversary of its ‘Secret’ brand of deodorant in the US, Procter & Gamble invited women to share a secret. Inviting women to share a secret with their friends on Facebook shifted the focus from the product to people’s personal lives while also creating an aura of trust and intimacy around the ‘Secret’ brand name. The 25,000-odd ‘secrets’ generated were viewed 1.4 million times.

As things go, the future of internet marketing is bright with even conservative estimates projecting that global online ad spend will double between 2006 and 2009. The two pillars of the digital growth story—measurable advertising impact and higher marketing ROI are likely to catalyze such growth.

Today, internet facilitates marketers in their attempts to connect with a growing audience that is spending progressively lesser time on traditional media. While search portals still attract the highest traffic, user-generated content, particularly blogs, are showing significant growth and are rapidly increasing their presence in the online space. 

Within the milieu of user-generated content, social media and networking sites offer enduring opportunities for marketers to engage their customers. These platforms not only give marketers access to ‘like-minded’ communities, but also provide ways to get to listen and speak to their target audiences.

Learn more about the online social media ecosystem in a RocSearch study that details both brand successes as well as failures while attempting to harness the power of this medium.

The study anecdotally explores campaigns across product categories on aspects including:

•        Building branded content and brand-linked communities

•        Content co-creation for better and more sustainable engagement

•        Understanding consumers and building brand reputations

•        Harnessing the potential of the ‘Key Opinion Leaders’

The study also covers campaigns from P&G, Nintendo, Heinz, Wal-Mart, “Step Up”, Sephora and many more.

Access a pdf-presentation with key findings of the study >> click here

Get the PDF of the complete study from RocSearch >> click here


RocSearch supports advertising agencies, media planning & buying firms and digital marketing agencies with their consumer and business insights. It is ranked no. 3 globally by the Black Book of Outsourcing (2007) for its advertising analysis/media/market research service offering.




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