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On this site we have compiled a variety of papers from the and from our valued partners that focus on the consulting industry. They cover topics like:

● Business models in the consulting industry
● Industry trends and structures
● How to work with consultants
● Things consultants should know

The Management Consultancy Industry - An Analysis 
by Dagmar Recklies
The management consultancy industry shows a very fragmented picture with various segments and player groups. We have analyzed this industry in its current state and future prospects. 
This industry shows an impressive growth. It outperforms the average GDP growth in many countries. This growth is fuelled by the developments in its clients industries, which require ever-new consulting needs. Amongst these drivers, IT is one of the most important ones. The German Association of Management Consultants predicts, that about 50% of all consulting assignments will at least partly include some e-business consulting in 2001. However, this industry is not without problems. The already fierce competition will become even harder, driven by new entrants from other industries and by consolidation amongst their clients. Moreover, management consultancies do not only compete for clients, but also for staff. The ability to attract qualified people is one of the critical success factors in this knowledge-based industry. Read our two-part analysis
Part I - Current State: Market Segments and Player Groups - html file - 19 KB
Part II - Future Prospects: Driving Forces, Future Developments for Market Segments and Player Groups, Critical Success Factors for Consulting Businesses -html file - 26 KB
April 2001


Being trustworthy won’t make you a Trusted Adviser!
Why don’t they trust you enough?

Ian Mills, Chief Executive of Transform People International examines the way customers buy professional services and high value products and the importance that they place on relationships. Is the quality of your relationship the real answer to earning more profitable long term revenue from every customer?


The Worst Thing about Best Practices
By Michael W. McLaughlin
Few consulting “tools” are more widely abused these days than so-called best practices. It’s no wonder most banks, supermarkets, airlines, retailers, and consulting firms look astonishingly similar—they’ve been busy copying each other’s best practices for decades. What’s most alarming is how ingrained their use has become in the language of consultants and clients. Best practices have joined the long list of meaningless phrases like scalable strategies, seamless integration, and transformational initiatives.


When Consulting Projects Go Sideways
By Michael W. McLaughlin
The problems that plague consulting projects are often avoidable, at least in hindsight. Before a project, consultants should think of all the potential problems and assess how they might impact the project. A low impact event may slow the schedule slightly, while a high impact one could mean project cancellation. Usually, project teams resist this kind of thinking; they prefer not to focus on the negative aspects of a project, especially during the euphoric outset. Like it or not, the beginning is the best time to get the potential pitfalls out in the open.


9 Ways Consultants Lose Sales 
by Michael W. McLaughlin
Proposals are one of the most widely used - and abused - marketing tools in a consultant's arsenal. All too often, consultants snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with a lousy proposal. We focus here on nine ways to blow a proposal.


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