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The Seven Doors

by Jean-Claude Saade


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7 – Shared Preferences
(Food, drinks, cars, clothing …)

People who share the same Preferences will naturally present elements of synergy and sympathy. Those who like Italian food, Swiss chocolate, jeans or German cars would find a common ground for bonding and dialogue based around their shared preferences.

Shared preferences can also favor the formation of certain consumer groups who can favor certain brands or models and promote them directly or indirectly.

For example, adopters of Bio food can relate and support brands that are producing and selling Bio products and will be ready to pay a premium for these brands.

Others who share the love for a certain car make or car model can come together in clubs and associations, and have their websites and annual gatherings. (,, Shared preferences are one of the doors for strong connection between brands and people. It can also generate positive talk value and referral power that can make current and potential customers more positively predisposed to buy new products and new versions of the same product; and obviously from the same brand.

The Door to Emotional Connection

Today, brands of all types, sizes and categories are facing one big challenge to build a strong emotional connection with consumers. Without that personal relationship their names will erode and businesses will suffer.

Like in any human relationship, this emotional connection needs a door to enter, a common ground and a genuine interest in the other person; being the consumer in this case.


It is worth mentioning here that this art of human connection is not related to the size or the type of the company. It is more about the brand’s point-of-view and approach. Lack of credibility or manipulation attempts would be deadly mistakes especially on the long run considering that customers are becoming increasingly savvy, informed and demanding.

The secret to open the seven doors is simple but difficult at the same time. You need to show the real human face of your brand, do the right things and offer the best to improve consumers’ lives. When you do things from the heart, emotional connection will happen.

Follow your deep beliefs, fights, hobbies and preferences and consumers will fall in love with your brand for what it really is and what it brings to the party; Only then the doors of consumer connection will be wide open for your brand.


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