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Glossary of terms used in competitive intelligence and knowledge management  

By Vernon Prior

NB: Entries marked with an * are new or modified entries with effect from 12 July 2009

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Hard information is quantitative in nature and generally consists of facts, statistics, and other formally published Information.  See also: Document, Fact

Hierarchical classification is a method of grouping in which terms are arranged from general to specific; that is, in which the structure is initially arranged in broad groups that are then successively subdivided into narrower groups.   See also: Classify, Directory, Explode

High technology (Hi-tech) is a popular term for Advanced technologies. 

Holography is the creation of three-dimensional images of objects using light produced by lasers. 

Home page, see Web site

Horizon scanning is a form of Scenario analysis in that it is devoted to the systematic search for potential developments over the long term, but with the emphasis on those changes at the periphery of current thinking, and primarily in the fields of science and Technology.  It tends to look at those key areas where science may hold the promise of a solution, or offer potential applications and technologies that have yet to be considered and articulated.  See also: Scenario planning

Horizontal organisation is one that seeks to reduce the number of layers of management and facilitate the development of a flatter, more responsive and productive organisation.  Teams are allocated to, and made responsible for, specific business processes.  This ensures that decisions are made more quickly and in a manner more consistent with business objectives.  The technique is particularly useful in multinational organisations, because it helps to link disparate and geographically dispersed operations.  See also: Business process management, Team

Host is any computer on a Network that acts as a repository for services available to other computers on the network.  It is quite common to have one host machine provide several services, such as the World Wide Web or Usenet

Human capital is the combined ability, Knowledge, skills, expertise, competencies, know-how, and innovativeness of an organisationís members to conduct a specific activity, operation, project, or task.  It also includes that organisationís values, culture, and philosophy.  See also: Competency modelling, Corporate culture, Expertise profiling, Innovation, Intellectual capital, Knowledge map

Humint is an abbreviation for human Intelligence; that gathered by people directly from people, rather than from published sources; hence Soft information.  It may be conducted face-to-face, by means of telephone or facsimile, or online (email, chat rooms, intranets, and so on).  See also: Elicitation, Networking. 

Hypertext is a File structure applied to the complex, the changing, and the indeterminate.  It allows the user to make links to other documents using words or phrases that cause those documents to be retrieved.  Sometimes described as a Semantic network, a hypertext system has three major components:

         a collection of items of Information;

         a Semantic network linking related items of information;

         tools for recording items of information, for creating links, and for searching through the system. 

See also: Document, Internet, Intranet, World-Wide Web

HyperText markup language (HTML) is the coding language for creating Hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web. It is very like a typesetting code, where blocks of text are surrounded by codes that indicate how it should appear.  In addition, HTML allows one to specify a block of text or word that is linked to another File on the Internet.  See also: Code

HyperText transfer protocol (HTTP) is a system for moving Hypertext files across the Internet.  See also: File, Hypertext.



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