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Glossary of terms used in competitive intelligence and knowledge management  

By Vernon Prior

NB: Entries marked with an * are new or modified entries with effect from 12 July 2009

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Nanotechnology is an advanced technology involving the fabrication and use of devices so small that the convenient unit of measurement is the nanometre (one thousand-millionth of a meter); or, is the art of manipulating and exploiting the properties of matter at a molecular level.  See also: Advanced technologies

Narrative refers to a description of activities, normally presented in the order in which they occurred.  It may be used to describe complicated matters, to explain the outcome of events (such as decisions made or lessons learned), or to bring about cultural change.  Techniques include After Action Reviews, best-practice databases, Briefings, Debriefings, and story telling.  See also: Database, Knowledge management, Learning organisation. 

*Natural indexing language is based on the language used in the Document being indexed.  Any terms that appear in the document are candidates for Indexing.  See also: Content management, Controlled vocabulary, Index, Ontology, Taxonomy, Thesaurus

Nesting is a technique for combining several search statements (invariably using the Boolean OR operator) through the use of parentheses.  For example: (management OR executive) AND (training OR development).  See also: Boolean algebra.  

Network exists when two or more computers are connected together.  Two or more networks constitute an Internet

Network of practice is the term that usually applies to a large, geographically dispersed Community of practice

Network theory, see Social network analysis

Networking is the informal exchange of Information between individuals who have grouped together for some common purpose.  It may be referred to as Social networking.  See also: Alliance, Cluster, Community of practice, Elicitation, Humint, Joint venture, Knowledge map, Lead-firm network, Production network, Professional associations, Service network, Social network, Social network analysis, Strategic alliance, Usenet

Networking analysis, see Social network analysis

*Neural networks are an attempt to simulate the human brain (by employing Artificial intelligence software) for image analysis and pattern recognition, in locating and matching relevant Information, and in assessing risk.  Their success depends to a considerable extent on the volume of Data in the Database.  Expert human intervention is essential:

         when setting up - more specifically for determining input variables and structuring the data in a sensible and usable format (usually the most time-consuming aspects of the technique);

         for interpreting the results and identifying patterns, trends, associations, and similarities;

         in order to make appropriate decisions based on the results.


See also: Content management, Data mining, Predictive analytics

Newsgroup is the name for a discussion group or chat room on Usenet

Niche market is one in which a firm offers a specific product or service and does it so well that no other firm will be tempted to enter that Market (for instance, the market is too small, or it would be too expensive for other companies to catch up).  See also: Market share

Node is any single computer connected to a Network.   

Nodes applies to the individuals or groups engaged in Networking.  See also: Social network analysis, Ties. 

Notation is a set of symbols, abbreviations, or codes associated with a Classification scheme, annotated Thesaurus, or Taxonomy, and used to facilitate the arrangement of items so classified.  A notation enables the use of an Explode facility.  See also: Bibliography, Code, Ontology.



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