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Glossary of terms used in competitive intelligence and knowledge management  

By Vernon Prior

NB: Entries marked with an * are new or modified entries with effect from 12 July 2009

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Joint project involves joint activities of a non-speculative nature. 

Joint venture involves two or more autonomous enterprises in operations or projects that constitute some form of partnership of a speculative or commercial nature.  See also: Alliance, Cluster, Lead-firm network, Networking, Production network, Service network, Strategic alliance

Journal is a Periodical containing items relating to scholarly Research or intellectual activity, or to the tools, methods and techniques employed therein. 

Just-in-time knowledge is a concept for delivering Information to an individual at the time it is needed to perform a specific task.  It may be initiated by means of a program that identifies the contents of the documents currently being produced, or contributed to, by the individual concerned.  See also: Document, Knowledge

Just-in-time manufacturing describes an advanced manufacturing concept designed to produce components for assembly only when they are required, thus reducing the costs associated with holding large inventories of parts, components, and raw materials.  See also: Predictive analytics.


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