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Glossary of terms used in competitive intelligence and knowledge management  

By Vernon Prior

NB: Entries marked with an * are new or modified entries with effect from 12 July 2009

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Lateral thinking refers to a means of escaping from habitual mind patterns (or logical sequential thinking) in order to solve problems or explore new ideas.  Techniques include deliberate and provocative challenging of preconceptions, and rejection of yes/no thinking.  See also: Brainstorming, Creativity, Innovation, Invention, Synectics

Lead-firm network is usually initiated by a large firm to ensure that its suppliers can meet the quality, quantity, and timetable of delivery required by that firm.  The advantage is a more reliable source of supply.  The suppliers benefit through gaining access to a guaranteed Market and, usually, through improved management and production techniques.   See also: Alliance, Cluster, Joint venture, Networking, Production network, Service network, Strategic alliance

Learning refers to the acquisition, and transfer to long-term memory, of experience, Information, and Knowledge, which may subsequently be used for solving problems, making decisions, and creating new knowledge .  See also: Knowledge creation

*Learning organisation is one that places considerable emphasis on developing strategies and techniques for sharing Information and creating new Knowledge in order to gain a competitive advantage.  Such organisations encourage trust and tend to be highly supportive.  They invariably have a shared long-term vision, gather information from many sources and exchange that information freely, and they welcome new ideas.  See also: Content management, Knowledge continuity management, Knowledge creation, Knowledge management, Learning, Meme, Narrative

Library gateway consists of a collection of databases and Information sources (normally classified by subject) that have usually been assembled, reviewed, and recommended by specialists.   See also: Database, Document

Link analysis is an Internet search technique that dispenses with Keyword searching, employing instead a complicated Algorithm that is based either on the number of Web pages linked to a specific site that is relevant to the search requirements, or on the number of visits to a site in a given time.

Local area network (LAN) provides facilities for communication between computer users within a specific location, up to a range of about ten kilometres (but usually confined to one site or one building).  See also: Network. 

Location service, see Knowledge map

Logic bomb, see Virus

Login is either the account name used to gain access to a computer system or the act of entering a computer system.



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